Top 20 Haunted Places in India

India with its numerous forts, colonial buildings, hotels, and monuments is surely a treat for haunted place lovers. While every city has its own share of places infamous for paranormal activities and other myths or stories, we have listed down top 20 haunted places in India. So hold your breath and come on board for a journey through everything dark and abnormal.

1. BHANGARH FORT, rajasthan


It holds first position among all haunted places in India. It was featured in India TV itself where the reporter did not dare to stay at night. It is located near Alwar in Rajasthan.

2. GP BLOCK, Meerut

This scary place is located in Meerut and is known for its ghostly activities. Some people have claimed to perceive four ghosts in the place.


This haunted place is located Pune.There is a story that a young princess committed suicide here and it is believed that she still lives in this fort.


This big film city is situated in Hyderabad. There are strange reports of some ghostly activities in the hotels inside it. Even some security guards have their own story about it.

5. KULDHARA, rajasthan

This small village is located in Rajasthan and is left deserted since 1800. The story says that the villagers were forced to leave the village due to which they cast spell on whosoever tries to live in this land.

6. DUMAS BEACH, surat

This scary place is located in Surat, Gujrat.  Many people in this beach have experienced some awkward and magical activities. This land is said to be the burial ground of Hindus and therefore this place is considered as haunted.

7. RAJ KIRAN HOTEL, Lonavala

This place is located in LonaPune in Pune.  In this hotel, several guests have reported about some paranormal activities. According to the guard, he often feels as if someone is staring at him at night.


Situated in Kota, this place has the story that it is frequently visited by the British ghosts who died in the 1857 war of independence.


This place is located in New Delhi. It is known for its beautiful architecture but recently some people reported that they heard someone crying and someone following them. This place is under the protection of ASI.

10. MUKESH MILLS, mumbai

Located in Mumbai, this place served as shooting horror scenes in Bollywood movie when this place was reduced to ashes because of fire breakdown.  But later on, some people experienced various mystical activities here.


This place is known for its paranormal activities. It is said that 12 labors lost their lives at the time of construction of this heritage building. Security guards avoid this place during the night.


This place is located in Kolkata. There is a story that this place is haunted by Captain Simpson who lost his life during 1857 war of independence. This building which is used by the state government is often seen to be avoided after dark by the Govt. clerks and other workers.


There is a myth that one notorious soul is preventing everyone from entering through the corridor.


Situated in Mumbai this is actually the cemetery of Parsis. They leave the dead bodies in open for the vultures to feed upon. It is believed to be one of the haunted places in Mumbai.

15. MALCHA MAHAL, delhi

This place is located in Delhi behind Buddha Garden.  People have reported to see supernatural activities here. Since this place is important, the government has given the order to shoot anyone who enters the property.

16. LAMBi DEHAR MINES, mussorrie

This place is in Mussoorie. After the death of way too many laborers in these mines, people started believing it is flooded by witches who often come from the hilltop at night for their prey.


This is a haunted bungalow near residency club in Pune. The building is in a ramshackle state which adds the scarier element to this place. According to the locals, this place is haunted by an old lady who is often heard screaming and laughing. An all time eerie sensation prevails in and around this house.

18. SAVOY HOTEL, mussoorie

Savoy hotel, once the most luxurious hotel in India, is infamous for the story of ghost lady Garnet Orem. She was found dead in one of the hotel rooms in the year 1911. The autopsy said she was poisoned but police could never find out the killer or be sure if it was a case of suicide. Few days later, the doctor who did the autopsy also died of poisoning and hence forth the case is considered to be one of the most mysterious cases of that place. Also, her spirit is said to roam around the hotel till date, even after a century, to find out the killer.

19. TUNNEL 33, shimla

This scary place is located in Shimla. According to the story, one of the British engineers shot himself inside the tunnel when he was unable to complete the tunnel. Till date people aroudn the place feels his presence inside the tunnel.



Situated in Pune, there is a story that revolves around the little girl who was killed at the construction site and it is believed that after that incident her soul still wanders in the whole place. She can be often heard screaming in midnight.

Hope you’ve liked our list of haunted places in India. Be sure to check them out and feel the adrenaline rush. Have a spooky day!

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