Top 15 Trekking Places in India

Walking while beholding some of the most spectacular views in the laps of Mother Earth is ecstatic and takes away all your stress and melancholy for a while. The picturesque scenes are worth all your muscle pains that you endure. Not only the pain but they’re worth all the penny spent. We’ve got a list for you which might persuade you to indulge in some of the best trekking places in India. So pack your stuff for an experience that would last a lifetime in your memories! Here’s the list of top 15 trekking places in India:

1. Chandratal Lake

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The very beauty in the name is well suggestive of the beauty of the trek. The trek stretches to 10-15 days which gives you a chance to behold some beautiful scenes. Not only it is known for its beauty but it is also considered as a sacred place by the locals. It has many sacred stories attached to it which make it a favorite among devotee, pilgrims and trekkers alike.

The per person cost of this trek comes around to be INR 14000 while the level of difficulty is moderate. The best time to go for it is in the summer months of June to September.

2. Shepherd Trek

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Known for the astounding scenes it gives, the trek generally lasts for 17 days giving your eyes the treat of the western Himalayas, green meadows, the ever beautiful rivers and what to make you ecstatic of the abode you undertook.  The trek begins from Kullu Manali and ends at Kangra Valleys. Keep those eyes of yours open to witness River Ravi which can behold you on the way.  If you’re exhausted, you also have an alternative to indulge. Paragliding at Bir-billing. The journey is long and tough and if you’re not physically fit, you might end up causing injury to your muscles. So bottle up that spirit in big numbers because this is where you would need it.

Best time to go for trekking here is between October and November

3. Hamta Pass Trek

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One of the most unique, beautiful trekking for any beginners in The Hamta Pass Trek. The trekking route is a bridge between the lush green lullu valley to the cold deserts of Lahul. Chandratal Lake happens to be a stopover during the trek, the beauty of which is likely to fill the exhausted soul with new vigor. The trek stretches up to 6 days, one of the shortest ones.  The fare per person is around 10k.

 4. Roopkund Trek

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Well, you need to have guts to go for this trek, not because of the challenges it offers, well contrary to it, it is not that difficult that you assume it to be.  You require guts for something else. Well to bow down your brow, this place is also known as the skeleton lake. You can find a lot of skeletons over the banks of the river Roopkund where this trek ends.  Spooky enough right? If you are game, that’s some real adventure to head to! Mystery, as well as beauty, envelops the very place.  The trek lasts for 6-7 days and begins from Lohajung. Didina and Bhagwabasa are some of the few places that you’d encounter in the midst of your errand.  The best time to go for trekking is in May, April, October and November. Fare per head settles for around 12k.

5. Bhrigu Lake Trek

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Even if you happen to cause a run to your shin bone or are exhausted enough, once you behold the beauty of Bhrigu Lake, you’d complain no more. All because you’d be jaw dropped to witness such a beauty on earth and of course how would you speak with your jaws wide open… Just kidding, the beauty will leave you wonderstruck that you’d forget all the complaints if you had any.  The destination, of course, is the Bhrigu Lake, the 4 days trek. The difficulty level is moderate and the starting point is Gulaba near Manali.  Fare per head starts from INR   6500.

6. Chadar Lake Trek

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The uniqueness of this trek is the sole reason of why you would wish to leave everything else and pack your stuff for this very trek.You might have walked on lands, oops sorry that’s but obvious! But how splendid would it be if we tell you that this trek actually makes you walk on ice, in better words, a frozen river? Yes, you heard it right.  The Zanskar River freezes in the chilling months paving way for its trekkers and allowing them to walk over it amidst the white beauty of snowcapped valleys.

But where there comes something great, there happen to be stoned to block your way.  The frozen lake is yet a splendid experience but the cool winter breeze and the climate only weigh up the challenge.  The trek stretches to 8-9 days.  The fares settle for INR 25000. The level of difficulty is hard.

7. Valley of flowers

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Just as the name suggests, the trek would treat your eyes with flowers and flowers all around. A large variety of flowers you can behold and its hues would fill you with ecstasy.  The 6-day trek begins from Govindghat and is moderate and almost anyone can go on this trek.  The fare begins from 8000 bucks per head. Not only flowers but you would come across witnessing many butterflies and birds whose chirping would be a melodious music to the ears as you go on walking.

8. Chembra Trek, Kerela

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Everyone is familiar that beauty of Kerela is like none others.  So you might visualize in your head how beautiful vistas this trek is going to reveal to your eyes.

It is a short and easy trek. It’s the best option for people with mundane schedules who can’t spare much time to go on a trek. The trekking can be completed within a day. And the sight you behold as you reach the top of the peak would be a vista to behold for a lifetime.  The breathtaking panorama of the town Wayanad down the high and high altitude is worth all the pain and stress.  You could even spot on your way something in a heart shape, that’s a lake known as Hridhayathadakam. So now you could go and say “Aweeee”. The trek also saves the bucks in your pocket as it is pretty cheap. 500 bucks for a group. Best time to go for this trek is from September to January

9. Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

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The spectacular views that one beholds that involves the green valleys,  the beautiful valleys from atop 16000 ft. at Goecha La, makes this trek one of the most favorite.  Sikkim is already known for its pleasant weather and green plants and shrubs spread across distances.  The 11-day trek begins from Yuksom town and on your errand, you can witness the great Kanchenjunga peak shrouded with snow.  The best time to go for this trekking is throughout the year except for monsoon months. The fares start from INR16000.

10. Deoriatal Trek, Uttarkhand

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You perhaps might not have come across this number of hues before and that is what makes this trek one of the best to undertake.  The measureless sky is a mixture of hues that provide visuals to be remembered for the rest of your lives.  Don’t forget to take binoculars with you, if you don’t, you won’t be able to enjoy witnessing a vast species of birds.  Apart from beholding picturesque scenes, the trek offers you bird watching. The serene Deoriatal Lake with crystal clear water is a sight to behold. The trek begins from Sari and is an easy one, not much hard and can be a good option for the one who hasn’t been into trekking before.  The trek fee per head is 9000 INR. Fall in love with the sky, lakes, valleys, meadows and what not!

11. Har ki dun Trek

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There is something in the name that gives a glimpse of what this trek has to offer you.  Abode to something divine, not only it has sacred stories attached to it but something divine is in the air of this very trek. The 8-9 days trek begins from Taluka. On your way, you’d come across many woodlands to offer you a large variety of flora and fauna.  You would also have a glimpse of pastoral lives of the people residing here. The best part would be the Harki Dun Stream and the breeze around it to make you ecstatic.  The trek fare begins from 8000 INR.  The difficulty level is moderate.

12. Markha Valley Trek,  Ladakh

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They call Leh and Ladakh a paradise on earth. The thought of a trek in the paradise never fails to inspire the fellow enthusiasts. There are things which never match our expectations but this is not the case with this one!  Trekking in heaven is you’d remember for a lifetime.  The 9-day trek begins from chilling and to warn you beforehand many difficulties may arise as the trekking here is in high altitudes owing to the location of Leh and Ladakh.  The fare ranges around 15000.

13. Pin Parvati Trek

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If you consider trekking just a child’s plan and are ready to take any difficulty with ease, Pin Parvati Trek is what you should indulge in. It is an extremely difficult trek but the vistas you behold compensate for all the pain you’ve been through in this trek. The trek fare ranges minimum 12000 INR.And if you complete this trek with ease, applauses for you!  Have liberty to easily flaunt your achievement!

14. Milam Glacier Trek

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There is no denying that glaciers have their own beauty.  And if you see trekking on a glacier as something wonderful, what are you waiting for.  The thing you have been seeking is calling out your name. The 14 days trek could reveal to your eyes the best of Mother Nature.  While you witness snowcapped valleys and streams flowing, it counts for hell good of an experience. April and June are the best time to go for this trek.  The difficulty level is moderate.

15. Snow leopard trek

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Trekking in the midst the abode of wild animals seems scary and thrilling at the same time!

Well if you’re a wildlife lover and the thought of it doesn’t scare away your spirits, this is where you belong, amidst the Hemis National Park trekking while beholding the vast varieties of flora and fauna coming in your way. Just as the trek name suggests, this national park is abode to snow leopards, snow bear, wild horse, and birds. The best time to go for this trek are the winter months when the days shine with the sunshine but the breeze is cold yet gives a wonderful feeling.  The trek lasts for almost a fortnight and is hard. The fares begin from 18k INR

While some of them involve you to put the least stress on your muscles while some can exhaust you to bits and pieces. No pain, no gain! You would surely gain some beautiful memories and the happiest news, you would have burned quite many calories!

contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar

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