Top 10 Tree Houses in India

Ever had a fantasy of living in a tree house? If yes, then read on! I was also obsessed with them throughout my juvenile years. I saw those beautiful tree houses in cartoons and movies and really wanted to have one. I am sure the story would be same with you guys. Moreover, nature is best explored when you live amidst it. I have selected 10 best tree houses where you may go and make your dream come.

1. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

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Lying inside a vast and dense jungle, this resort borders the Bandhavgarh National park. This reserve is one of the best places to get a glimpse of the tigers in India. The tree houses are earthy and well-equipped with all the amenities like modern attached bathrooms, hot water, living area, air conditioning, power back up, and mosquito netting. You may spend a lazy day by enjoying the view of the dense forest or else you may take a safari to take a tour of the location.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 16,000 – Rs. 30,000.

2. Vanya Tree House, Thekkady

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Kerela is gifted with massive greenery. So, this would be one of the best tree houses to stay. It is surrounded by rain forests which will give you a beautiful view from your tree house. You may spend your weekend here peacefully away from the usual humdrum of life. The earthy tone of the décor makes one feel closer to nature. It is also located next to the Periyar National Park and is a 3-hour drive from the Cochin International airport.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 8,500.

3. The Tree House, Jaipur

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Being the largest in the world of its kind, it is located at the Nature Farms in the Syari Valley. Atop the Keekar trees, you will get a spectacular view of Aravali Mountains. This place offers an enthralling experience and makes your stay an unforgettable one. The accommodations are divided into a number of luxury “nests”. Some even have tree trunks running through them. It is an hour drive from Jaipur. Though a bit expensive one.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 12,500 – Rs. 20,000.

4. Manali tree houses Cottage, Manali

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If you are looking for a bit cheaper residence, then grab your things and head to Manali. Being a family-run service, it is an ideal getaway for people living in North India. Imagine this: you are sitting in this house on a snowy day watching the snow wash your window and a cup of hot chocolate in your hand and also, you are there to spend some quality time with your significant other. Sounds romantic? There, it hit right there. Right?

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 3000.

5. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar

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Another one in South India, you will get a picturesque view of the Kannan Devan Hills and floating clouds. Barking deer, wild elephant, mouse deer, Nilgiri wood pigeon are a usual sight which makes this place a perfect blend of nature and wildlife. Sounds of birds chirping early in the morning, the lush greenery and sight of animals being around will certainly give you the time that you never had.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 12,000 + Taxes.

6. The Machan, Lonavala

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It is a perfect place for those who want to escape into nature away from the chaos of the city. Lonavala is the most popular weekend getaway in Maharashtra. Next time you go there, make sure to visit this remarkable place. This resort has tree-houses rising 30-40 feet above the forest. It offers some gorgeous views as well as the peace of the mind.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 8000 – Rs. 35,000, depending on the type of tree house and the dates.

7. Wild Canopy Nature Reserve, Mudumalai:

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Mudumalai is one of the most beautiful places to visit to spend your weekend. If you are a nature lover, then head for this place and I guarantee that you will never wish to come back home. You will easily see elephants and some other animals going by. You may take a safari to take a tour of the wildlife sanctuary.

Cost: The prices vary from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 25,000.

8. Safari Land Tree House Resort, Masinagudi:

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Located near the Nilgiri Mountains, Safari Land Resort is spread over five acres and has five different types of tree house accommodations. You may go there with your family or by yourself to have a memorable time. Waterfalls and rivers are usual scenes. It is also equipped with all the amenities and surrounded by some lovely views.

Cost: From 8,000-14,000 rupees per night, including meals.

9. Green Magic Resort, Kerela

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Birds chirping and a moist atmosphere-feel like you wanna go there right now? I did too as I read about it. You may spend a peaceful weekend here and actually do nothing. It is also richly surrounded by flora and fauna. You will extremely peaceful and serene here. The air around this has a magical aura to it.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 11,500.

10. Vyithiri Resort, Wayanad

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The view that you will get from here would leave you speechless. This one is located amidst the lush mountains in the Western Ghats. Vyithiri Tree Houses have 5 tree houses that are lost in the jungle. There is a spa too which will surely make you feel relaxed and invigorated. Calicut Airport is the closest airport from Wayanad.

Cost: The cost per night is approximately Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 17,000.

Tree houses are an amazing fairy tale which is being made true with the help of modern technologies. These not only guarantee the basic amenities but also offer comforts to their visitors. Go to these paradises amidst the forests to experience the best time of your life and share your stories with us in the comments section. That’s all for today thanks.

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