Top 10 Places to Visit in January

“We watched it begin again”
New Year, New Beginning and New Resolution, Yes resolutions, we too believe that they are meant to be broken. But some, we believe are an excuse to chase what we like. And if wanderlust is on your list of New Year Resolution, we’re at your rescue. We’ve got a list for you having the best places to visit at this new beginning.

1. Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

image4 5

And if you wish to run and run away from the hustle bustle of the city life, your run ends here, in the little town Dalhousie where the beautiful Dhauladhor range of Himalayas leaves you spellbound.   All your misery and stress won’t follow you here.  Amidst the beauty this place is known for, you’d grow a new love for nature. How about building your own snowman? Sounds cool right? Indeed it’s the perfect time when it snowfalls here

“My heart is at your festival, my head hath its coronal, the fullness of your bliss, I feel- I feel it all”

It isn’t only a favorite of a thousand tourists but was one of our colonizers, Britishers, and it is very well evident in the architecture of its buildings. The place has waterfalls, rivers, valleys, to make you fall in love with this place.  So head on, if you seek for serenity and beauty all at one place

Weather in January: An average temperature around 1 to 10 degree Celsius.

Things to see: Khajjar, Satdhara Falls,

Things to do: River crossing and River Rafting on River Raavi, Trekking at Panchpulla, Rock Climbing at Jhajjar

2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

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While the sky dresses in a beautiful shade of your blue, what’s down, dresses in a much beautiful shade of golden.  Sequined with golden embroideries as the golden sand dunes, palaces and castles, the place is a dream come true for all the fantasy lovers out there.  And the beautiful veil it covers itself is the rich tradition and culture, that Rajasthan is loved for since ages. And just when you were wondering to bless this place with your visit, it is the annual desert festival that Jaisalmer has every January, with the display of its exotic tradition and culture, folk music, and contests. Don’t give this place a miss, this is where even history leaves you fascinated.

Weather in January: An average temperature doesn’t go beyond 24 degree Celsius

Things to see: Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisaar Lake, Jain Temples, Sam Sand Dunes, Desert National Park

Things to do: Sightseeing, Desert Safari

3. Bandhavgarh

Just a look of it will send a chill down your spines. The mighty of all, the mighty of the jungle, and the mighty of Earth. Such is this fearless animal. Forget the human, every other being of the jungle is afraid of it. Yet people never stop themselves from having a glimpse of this mighty animal. From miles and miles, they come to catch a glimpse of it. And that chance is provided by Bandhavgarh National Park. The White tiger is one of the mammals that could be seen here. Pray to destiny. Other than the tiger, this park has other 22 species of mammals and 250 species of birds.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 1-15 degree Celsius

Things to see: Sidhbaba, A temple where you can spot a tiger. Gopalpur: for bird watching, Shesh Shaiya, Bari Gufa, Bandhavgarh Forts

Things to do: Safari, Bird watching

4. Dawki, Shillong

Dawki, near asia's cleanest village mawlynnong

There are truths hidden from the human eye.  The truths which crave for human’s vision.  And for selfless reasons, the truths which want to be explored, to bestow gifts to species of humans.  One such truth lies in the small district of Meghalaya, the petit town of Dawki, Which’s beauty still lay undiscovered.  But the beauty which deserves to be seen, which deserves to be cherished in one’s memory. A good choice for the ones whom zeal fills them from head to toe, various adventure activities await you.  One such gift it bestows to its travelers is the Umngot River.  Nestled amidst the emerald Green hills, the crystal clear water, giving you a glimpse of the aquatic world it inhabits beneath while in a boat. The cool and pleasant breeze kisses your face welcoming you to its abode. The place is surely a bliss waiting to be discovered by your eyes.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 11-25 degree Celsius

Things to see: Khasi and Jaintia Hills.

Things to do: Boating

5. Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh

image10 5

How cannot there exist paradise where there exists God.  The place of the almighty, Kangra Valley, is one such.  You come here for the love of God and leave, with a love for this place.  Beas River has always been known for leaving its beholders spellbound, and so is the place through which this river flows.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 5-19 degree Celsius

Things to see: Kareri Lake, Kangra Fort, Baijnath Temple

Things to do: Trekking

6. Bikaner, Rajasthan

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, at times in forms of lush greenery, breathtaking water forms, mountains, and valleys.  And this place has nothing of the mentioned above. But a beauty of a varied form.  The stunning forts and palaces, golden stretches of land, sand dunes. Definitely no mirage of beauty it is because it exists for real.  For years it has been preserving the reputation of Rajasthan as the hub for culture, tradition, and history.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 14 degree Celsius

Things to see: Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace

Things to do: Safari, City shopping traditional clothes in local street shops

7. Hyderabad

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Well, sincerely if you ask, this city is always in a hustle bustle. But there is one strong to visit it.The ever delicious, finger licking Hyderabad Biryani, popular around the world for leaving people spellbound with its taste.  And just to clear the air, there is no such thing as Veg Biryani, however, if you’re veg, you’ve got extremely delicious veg biryani here.  So if you wish to do something for your taste buds, head on to this place.  After all, food is the love of our life

Weather in January: An average temperature around 22 degree Celsius

Things to see: Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, Hussain Sagar Lake, Golkonda Fort, Osman Sagar Lake, Nagarjuna Dam, Nehru Zoological Park

Things to do: City shopping at local shops

8. Ajanta caves

Ajanta Caves as seen from the view-point

A pen is a mighty weapon, so is a brush, something which all of us forgot.  There’s a world one can create with a brush.  And the living example is the great Ajanta caves. A place which reminds us art is a majestic wonder, the ones who possess it are blessed with God’s gift.  For years the caves have been one of the most famous heritage site and tourist destination, all thanks to Ajanta and Ellora, whose magic powers of brush and sculptures are well evident to this world.  Just when one thought, art is losing its essence in today’s world, these caves reminds, it’s not the case. Thanks to the millions of people who visit it throughout the year that remind us how wrong one is.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 12-28 degree Celsius

Things to see: Kailasanatha Temple, Daulatabad Forts

Things to do: Shopping at local shops

9. Daman and Diu

“There is a pleasure in the pathless wood,
There is rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar”

Such says canto IV of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. The ocean is a mighty force, none can stand affront when it roars.  Mighty it is but its beauty has no bounds.  Maybe that’s why Andaman and Nicobar,   is one of the popular holiday destinations in India.  Lying at the juncture is the majestic Bay of Bengal. The reason why it has one of most beautiful beaches in Asia.  A perfect shade of blue shrouds not only the sky but the oceans too.  If you search for beauty, your quest ends here.  A magical paradise this place is. Also for the ones who can’t control their zeal, a hub for all the water sports this place is.  Add this place to your lists of places to visit before you die list if you have any.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 10–32 degree Celsius

Things to see: Devka Beach, Jampore Beach, St Jerome Fort, Cathedral of Bom Jesus

Things to do: Shopping leather products, electronics, and furniture from Nani Daman

10. Kolkata, West Bengal

image7 5

“Nomoshkar, Kæmon achen?”

Welcome to Kolkata!

We all have had a glimpse of this city, be it the delicious Rasgullas, fishes, or Durga Puja.  There is no denying that we love these little glimpses of the place.  When you visit this place, its charm, and joyous faces, rich tradition and culture never fail to disappoint you.  And if you happen to be someone who adorns fragrance of words and pages, you’re here at the right time. Kolkata holds its largest Book fair in this month and this time at Milan Mela. Kolkata is a place where tradition and culture leave you in awe. The exotic, food and music will definitely set the curve on your lips.

Weather in January: An average temperature around 20 degree Celsius

Things to see: Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, St Paul Cathedral, Science City, Birla Mandir

Things to do: Shopping at Bara Bazaar, New Market, Trekking in Sundarbans

So we assume, you’d be sitting by the fireplace, scrolling down the glass screen. Get up, even if it’s too cold for you to stand up, and begin calling your travel agent to book tickets to one of this place. We know very well that winters make you lazy but just a friendly reminder, Sloth is one of the deadly sins.

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