Top 10 Places to Visit in December

“Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way, Santa Claus is coming to town riding on his sleigh”, And the holiday season is back bringing back cheer and glee with it. It’s time to spread cheer just as the world outside. And since these are holidays, Why not listening to your wanderlust self? We’ve got a perfect list for you! Read on our dear Readers! Here are the top 10 places to visit in December in India.


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Some love the serenity of the night, some love the sunshine.  Some love the cold breezes of the night, while some divine rays of the sun. Some adorn the stars hanging in the sky, some like the yellow circle adorned in the clear blue sky.

We’ve got another fun for you that you’d definitely love.  You might call us stupid because there is only one sun, indeed there is.  But who says we’re talking about the one that hangs by the sun, we’re talking about Sun temple.  Disastrous pun, accepted!

Coming to the topic, the popular sun temple of Orissa is what makes travellers across the world visit it. And no it’s not the only place to visit here, beaches, magnificent architecture, and not to miss the annual dance

Got groovy?  Shake your legs while shopping the best of handicrafts too.

Weather in December:  An average temperature falling to 15 degree Celsius

Things to see: Sun Temple, Konark Beach

Things to do: Shopping the Pattachitra or paintings on palm leaf in Pipli, and other things at the local shops

Pro Tip: Always bargain

2. Auli

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Get ready, pack your stuff, and don’t forget to keep your skiing boots.  It’s much better to keep those in rather than any other stuff if there’s no space left.  Because if you went to Auli and do not ski, give us a chance to give you a zero in the test. It’s snowfall season after all.  Well, that’s what it is popular for.  Also not to miss, the picturesque views of Mother Nature and the beautiful colour white as long as your eyes take you too.

Weather in December:  Very Cold Temperature varies from 2 to 10°C and snowfall occurs

Things to see: Chenab Lake, Trishul Peak, Rudraprayag, Nandaprayag

Things to do: Trekking, Skiing at Nar Parbat

3.  Binsar / Chakauri

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There are chances that you never heard of this place.  You’re not alone.  There are after all many like you. That’s okay if you didn’t know about this place, but it is definitely something you shall know.  A Hill station that nestles in Uttrakhand.  And what makes it worth a go? Its panoramic views at this time of the year, when clothed in a white shroud.

And also let your steps lead you to the Binsar wildlife sanctuary, an abode to the rare species of birds and animals.

Weather in December:  The weather is very cold in winters, temperature goes down to 0 degree Celsius

Things to see: Zero Point, Bineshwar Temple, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Things to do: Trekking at Zero Point, shopping handicrafts, and woolens from local shops

4. Goa

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There’s no time to shake your feet and party like a wild animal, but does the black sky up above cease you, duh! Not in Goa at least!

A perfect place for you if you’re a party animal and at the same time, a chaser of beauty.  Hang on, by beauty we mean its beaches, churches, and streets, get back to the right lane, please.

It’s that one place on everybody’s list. Everybody, not a fresh piece of news we’re giving you.

And it’s the holiday seasons, so there is nothing that can stop you from coming here, exception, money. It’s the most beautiful place to visit in December when the Christmas lights decorate mistletoes and other things by the streets. Head on. Perfect place perfect timing.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 25-33 degree Celsius

Things to see: Palolem Beach, Colva Beach, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Agonda Beach, Bascilla of Bom Jesus

Things to do: Water Sports, Shopping in Anjuna Flea Beach, Arpora Bazar, Mapusa Market, Cruise

5.  Kumarakom, Kerala

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Away from the city life, away from the noise, away from the crowd, let your footsteps and eyes meet beauty, if beauty was a person, it would have been called Kumarakom. You might be wondering beauty can be found anywhere else, but what’s special here?

Well, there definitely is, Kumarakom’s Lake’s backwaters are the eyes of beauty which make any eye fall in love with it.  Since years, people feel love at first sight with Kerala and the mini places it has, like Kumarakom. A small city in Kerala, with a number of islands with beauty and serenity in the air.  Crystal clear sky and crystal clear lakes await you.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 27 degree Celsius

Things to see:  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Backwaters

Things to do: Boating, Angling in shallow waters of Lake Vembanad

6. Mangalore, Karnataka

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13 reasons why?  No, we’re not talking about the TV series, we’re actually giving you 13 reasons why you shall not miss this place.  Beauty, beaches,  temples,  shopping centers, churches,  Serenity,  rich culture and tradition,  mosques, pleasant weather,  picturesque vistas,  surfing and sea food.

And count on us, these reasons are good ones!!!!

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 

Things to see: Panambur Beach, Kudroll GakarnathTemple, Ullal Beach

Things to do: Sightseeing, shopping silk saris, gold as well as silver ornaments and some ivory & sandalwood artefacts and other at Hampankatta, Kankannady, Falnir and Balmatta

7. Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

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When it comes to Rajasthan, there is a fact that no one can deny. And the fact is that Rajasthan is marvellous when it comes to the monuments it nestles. If you go on to find something magnificent, your search ends here.  The best architectural pieces that everyone in this large world cannot deny.  Jhunujhunu is one such place safeguarding and maintaining Rajasthan’s reputation since centuries.  The walls of the magnificent have stories to tell, that is capable of glueing them to this place and not to shut their ears for even a second.  What do you think, just monuments it is famous for?  No, absolutely wrong. Magnetic field music festival is another reason keeping your ears glued of all the folks who find solace in music. Shake your legs and dance as if no one’s watching because the night doesn’t stop here, nor shall your legs.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 16 degree Celsius

Things to see: Khetri Palace, Rani Sati Temple

Things to do: Sightseeing

8. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

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Walk bare feet while the waves giggle your feet and the cold breeze takes you to another world.  Adore the beauty of the beach as your steps lead you on the soft sand stretch. Not all.  A number of restaurants and finger licking food awaits to please your taste buds. And it also has something for the shopaholics, by the beach lies various shopping centres for your shopping needs of clothing, handicrafts and key chains. And yes to all the adventure seekers, this beach doesn’t forget you.  You can surf, swim and do water boating on the beach.  Other than that, the beach has spas and Ayurveda centres for you.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 16-34 degree Celsius

Things to see: Lighthouse Beach, Haylcon Beach,

Things to do: Watersports

9. Nagoa Beach, Diu

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The shades of the sky get lighter, gets darker. Time runs a magic spell every time and changes the hue of the limitless sky.  But the shade of blue of Nagoa’s beach waters stays ever the same.  Simply, beauty in blue what one calls it?

The tall palm trees standing firm on the sand never fails to get everyone necks stretched, and eyes awestruck with beauty. That’s the magic of one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

Behold the picturesque waters, or shop by the little shopping centres on the beach or calm down your adrenaline rush with surfing and motorboat.  Or feed you precious tummy.  Whatever you choose to you that will be treasured in your memories for life.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 20-26 degree Celsius

Things to do: Water sports

10. Agra

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Taj Mahal, The living proof of love, which has for centuries left people all over the world spellbound with its magnificent architecture and background story.  For a reason, it is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world.  The Kohinoor of Agra it is. Despite possessing a diamond, the city too possesses other gems too, say Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.  One of the favorite places of history has this place been for years and years to come.

Weather in December:  An average temperature of around 14-28 degree Celsius

Things to see:  Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Jama Masjid

Things to do: City Shopping at Kinari Bazar, Munro Road

Sadly good things don’t last forever. The holiday season will finish as well. So don’t waste your time lying and scrolling down this post, rather get up and make the most of this holiday season.

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