Top 10 Paragliding Destinations in India

Watching the birds flying high in the sky during the sunset, as a kid I always wished if I only had wings. I always wanted to join those chirping beings to the limitless sky. And all thanks to ‘David Barish’, the inventor of Paragliding, made the dream of many kids come true. Now we all grown up kids can join the sport of Paragliding and fly like a free bird in vast stretches of the sky. This sport is gaining popularity among the youngsters all over the world. People in India cherish this sport along with other sports of skiing, rafting,trekking and rock climbing as a recreational activity. Because of the growing demand for this adventurous sport, various paragliding spots have been developed at different places in India. Here in this article, I am listing some famous paragliding destinations in India.

1. Bir Billing

If you are travelling to Dharamshala or Manali this summer, then don’t miss to stop at Bir Billing. Otherwise you will miss making one of the best memories of your life, a memory of flying for the first time in the sky. Here I’m saying “first time” because you’re not going to stop at it and will be getting obsessed with this sport after this amazing experience, as Bir Billing is one of the best Paragliding destinations in India.

Bir Billing is a small village Located in Kangra Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Here at Bir Billing, they provide “Tandem paragliding” flight from Bir to Billing. The best part about Tandem paragliding is, you don’t need to learn paragliding or have any special training before enjoying this sport. A tandem paragliding pilot will do the work while you fly like a pro enjoying the thrill of flying high in the sky, feasting your eyes with an astonishing panoramic view of the landscape from above.

Flying Season: From March to June.

Stretch: From Bir to Billing

Flight duration: 15 minutes – 30 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2500/- Per Person

2. Sikkim

Though Sikkim is a small state, it provides a vast opportunity of adventure sports making the best use of its topography, scenic mountains and valleys, and an astounding landscape. Located in the Great Himalayan region of North-East India, it is one of the major tourist attraction. Nowadays it is alluring tourists with a variety of adventure sports activities, gaining popularity among adventure enthusiasts not only in India but all over the world.

You can taste paragliding in the state with any of the tandem paragliding flight providers. It will give you a total adrenaline rush along with a lifetime experience to cherish. They provide you with a camera and a selfie stick so that you can record one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life. While a trained and certified pilot flies you across the sky, you will be able to capture the moments and enjoy the flight over the majestic snow clad the Himalayas.

For medium flight

Flight season: September to June

Stretch: From Baliman Dara to Reshithang Sports Village in a stadium

Flight duration: 5 minutes – 10 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2500/- Per Person

For High Flight

Flight season: September to February

Stretch: 1 Km stretch at  Bulbuley Dara

Flight duration: 20 minutes – 30 minutes

Cost : Rs. 4500/- per person

For Alpine Flight

Flight season: October to January

Stretch: 2-3 Km along Mt. Kangchenjunga

Flight duration: 40 minutes – 60 minutes

Cost: Rs. 7000/- per person

3. Kunjapuri

As we all know Uttarakhand has the best destinations of India for leisure trips and recreation activities and closest to the hearts of adventure enthusiasts, as the place provides finest destinations for trekking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, cliff jumping and river rafting. Now the sport of paragliding in the state is also thrilling the adventure seekers. Kunjapuri, located in the Shivalik range of the Himalayan mountains is yet another paragliding destination in the state of Uttarakhand. This place is famous for its spectacular view of sunrise and sunset. While paragliding across the clouds over the Shivaliks, you will be introduced to stunning views of Gangotri, Banderpunch, and many other fascinating sights.

Flight season: October to March

Stretch: A stretch of 6 Km from Kunjapuri temple near Rishikesh to the sandy bank of  River Ganga near Lakshman Jula.

Flight duration: 30 minutes – 40 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2500/- Per Person

4. Pavana

If you are planning to travel to Pune or any other nearby city then don’t forget to visit Pavana which is only at a distance of 45 Km from Pune. This is the only paragliding destinations in western India. Located in the coastal state of Maharashtra, Pavana renders splendid paragliding experience to the adventure enthusiasts, giving them a chance to sail over the pristine and natural beauty of Pavana River, Pavana Lake, Western Ghats, forts and many other wonderful locations.

Flight season: From October to March

Stretch: From A hill near Pavana Dam, near Kamshet to somewhere near the foot of that hill

Flight duration: 50 minutes – 60 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2500/- Per Person

5. Nandi Hills

Situated among the rocky mountains of Western Ghats, Nandi Hills are located near Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. Making the best use of the natural setup of the region many adventure clubs have developed the area as one of the cardinal paragliding destinations. You can glide over the exquisite slopes of the hills while the pilot controls the course of your flight along with ensuring your safety. The remarkable feature about paragliding at Nandi Hills is that the landing is very unique, in which after taking off from Nandi Hills you reach Hebbal Lake in Bangalore by an astounding landing strip with the help of a dedicated and passionate group of pilots. The place is also famous for para-jumping and hand-gliding

Flight season: From  October to May

Stretch: Top of Nandi hills to Hebbal Lake in Bangalore

Flight duration: 10 minutes – 40 minutes

Cost: Rs. 1500/- Per Person

6. Manali

Manali, the land of snow coated mountains offers the opportunity of paragliding throughout the year except for the monsoon season. Located in the magnificent Himalayan mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali has two major spots for paragliding, they are Solang Valley and Marhi. Availability of the sport throughout the year is the unique feature about paragliding in Manali which makes it one of the most cherished paragliding destinations.

For Joy Flight                  

Flight season: Throughout the year except for monsoon

Stretch: Above the flying ground of Solang Valley

Flight Duration: 3 minutes – 5 minutes

Cost: Rs. 600/- Per Person

For High Ride

Flight season: Throughout the year except for monsoon

Stretch: From the mid slopes of Solang to the flying ground of Solang

Flying duration: 8 minutes – 15 minutes

Cost: Rs. 1600/- Per Person

Across the country flights

Flight season: Throughout the year except for monsoon

Stretch: From the peaks of Gulaba, Rohtang or Madi to the flying ground of Solang

Flying duration: 25 minutes – 60 minutes

Cost: INR. 2500/- Per Person

7. Nainital

Nainital, a city popular for its astonishing lakes is located in the Kumaon region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Nainital is a conglomeration of natural beauty, adventure sports, scenic mountain ranges, etc.

These days Nainital is emerging as one of the prime paragliding destinations. Paragliding in Nainital is done is specifically two locations, which are Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal. Paragliding in Nainital offers you a completely different paragliding experience as you fly over the enchanting lakes surrounded by rich flora.

For Medium Flights

Flight Season: From March to June and from October to December

Stretch: Over the stretches of Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal

Flying duration: 5 minutes to 10 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2500/- Per Person

For High Flights

Flight Season: From March to June and from October to December

Stretch: Over the stretches of Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal

Flying duration: 20 minutes to 30 minutes

Cost: Rs. 5500/- Per Person

8. Panchgani

Coming back from the pilgrimage of Mahabaleshwar, near Mumbai? Now want to add some spice of adventure in your spiritual trip? Then you are at the right place. At a distance of only 19 Km from Mahabaleshwar, lies a beautiful hill station in the ranges of Western Ghats mountains, popularly known as Panchgani, also known as “Switzerland of India”. Panchgani is emerging as a popular spot for adventure lovers who visit the place to fly from the Horizon point, cherishing the enchanting view of sunset along with feasting your eyes with the scenic beauty of the spiritual city of Mahabaleshwar. The certified and highly passionate group of pilots ensure your safety as well as amusement.

Flight Season: October to March

Stretch: From the hill towards the stretches of Bhilar, Khinger and Tapola

Flight duration: 50 minutes to 60 minutes

Cost: Rs. 2000/- Per Person

9. Arambol Beach

Talk about travelling and skip Goa is something just next to impossible. Goa is a complete package of a perfect getaway in India. It provides maximum number of recreational activities to its visitors along with a numerous leisure and adventure activities. Goa is the state which not only allures Indian tourists but also the tourist from all over the world. In terms of paragliding it is the first choice of professional para gliders. Even if you are not a trained para glider then don’t worry, you will be provided a well certified pilot to take you high in the sky and sail along the roaring Arabian sea and the pristine beaches. Goa is one of a perfect paragliding destinations!

Flight Season: From September to June

Stretch: It starts from a From a cliff located between Arambol and Harmal beaches

Flight duration: 50 minutes to 60 minutes

Cost: Rs. 3000/- Per Person

10. Yelagiri

Adventure clubs and enthusiasts at Yelagiri are so passionate about paragliding that they host an International Paragliding Festival at Yelagiri in the month of September to promote the sport. Located in the ranges of Eastern Ghats, Yelagiri is the hill station situated in Vellore, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. With the growing demand of the adventure sports, adventure clubs at Yelagiri have developed the spot using the natural topography of the place in the best possible way so that the tourists travelling to Vellore and the other nearby places of tourist attractions cannot resist to try this sport at Yelagiri to give yourself an affair of lifetime feeling the loftiness of the vast expanse of the landscape with the gradual slopes.

Flight Season: From August to October

Stretch: From from Ramakrishna site to the meadows down the hill

Flight duration: 15 minutes to 20 minutes

Cost: Rs. 1200/- Per Person

Now your dream just like me is only a few steps away. All you need to do is pack your bags and leave the rest to the adventurous you. So go and take that ride you’ve been waiting for and do not forget to record this adventurous journey.

Contributor : Diksha Sharma

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