Top 10 Hill Stations in India

There is something grand about the hills. Oh, come on! Not in respect of size we mean. Rather something great that manages to chase away the miseries of life once you behold their beautiful sides. Here it the list of some of the best hill stations whose spectacular views would certainly fade away your melancholy. After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever! Here are the top 10 hill stations in India:


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The very name appeals to one’s ears. Isn’t it? The same is the case with the place, it doesn’t fails to please one’s vision. Known for its beautiful serenity amidst the Himalayan ranges, it is one of the good getaway places simply to lie down and relax till a cold breeze greets your senses and takes away with it all your tautness away. Apart from the beautiful vistas of Kumaon mountains, it has it tradition and culture to win your praises. From handicrafts to its temples, every ounce of this place is rich in culture and tradition. If you wish to do something audacious, mountain biking and trekking is at your rescue. It is much preferred to come here by road as the nearest airport and railways are distances away. The best time to visit this hill station is throughout the winter, if snowfalls captivates you, see you in winters!

2. BHIMTALimage2 10

The very name reveals much about the hill station. The placidity of Lake Bhimtal is what makes pulls tourists to the very hill station.  At the center of the lake, there is an island as well as an aquarium which makes ads to the beauty of this lake. There is something divine in the very aura of the place as it happens to be a sacred place and the significant attractions include Karkota temple which you shouldn’t miss while you visit this hill station


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We agree with you, Wordsworth! Nature has the supernatural power of making you forget all the miseries and afflictions of life. Although it may not heal your wounds but is the best temporary relief. Dalhousie’s captivating nature is what pulls over the crowds of tourists to this place. The beautiful meadows, valleys, and rivers are what makes it hold the crown for quite a while.  The name of this very place gives one an idea of its association with British. Well, you guessed that right! Some of the must visit places are Satdhara and Panjpullah waterfalls. Wait till it beauty engulfs to the core and you make a mind never to leave.  The place is screaming out an invitation to you to give it a visit except in monsoons.


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Just as the name sounds mystical, the fresh and soothing breeze never fails to cast a spell on its visitors. Just as being one of the favorites of the Britishers, it is one of the favorites in the lists of tourists. Bhulla Lake is just your place to chill in Lansdowne amidst the valley. You can also go boating in the lake which would certainly captivate you. Other places to visit include Tarkeshwar Mahadev Forest which lays hidden in the middle of the pines and oaks. You’ll have to pain your necks to behold the tall yet beautiful green oaks and pine trees. The tranquility of the temple would certainly make you ecstatic. The best time to visit this place is throughout the year except for monsoons.


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It is yet another hill station for the ones who seek serenity and wish to relax amidst the mountains and valleys. However, there’s not much to see here, as it has been known for the tranquil and pleasant ambiance it provides to its fellow travelers. However, there are a few things to see if boredom engulfs you. Monkey point is one such place where it is believed that lord hanuman put his step on the very place while on being on his way to collect the magical herb, “Sanjeevani Buti”. If you happen to be a devotee, this place would be the one you wouldn’t afford to miss. Other than that, there are churches.


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Times are changing and to meet the changing desires of changing times, this small hill station is built lately keeping in mind these requirements. A perfect blend of metropolitan lives and nature. Drive away the thought that modern things and nature are two opposite sides of the pole. Lavasa is a hill station built near Pune bestowing spectacular scenes to its visitors. Its scenic vistas are what that draws over eyeballs and number of tourists. There are malls, health centers, valleys, and dams. A perfect place to get rid of the stress of city life.


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Technology up gradation might have sabotaged nature but Kerala has not let it touch it. Justifying the beauty of Kerala, there is Munnar. From waterfalls to valleys shrouded in a green blanket, it has everything to leave the spectators enraptured with its delicacy. Mattupeti Dam, Attukad Falls, Kundala Dam, Eravikulam national park are some of the places which call your presence.


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Picture this or picture that! You would drain away your gadget’s battery or full your battery but the beautiful vistas won’t stop coming your way. Might have said enough to describe how beautiful this place is. Every season has something magnificent to reveal. In summers, the lush green valleys to speak of its beauty. While in winters, the snowcapped mountains to grab a special corner of your soul. Apart from the beautiful views, you can go skiing and trekking. Trishul peak and Chenab Lake are some of the wonderful places that await your auspicious presence.

9. Manali

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The more you applaud this place, the less it is. There’s a reason why it attracted numberless tourists from around the globe. The magnificent snow clad mountains and rivers have known to take breaths away. If Himachal is crowned for its beauty, thanks to Manali for its contribution. Apart from the spectacular vistas to behold, Manali screams out the names of those whose hobby horses are adventure sports. From river crossing, skiing, paragliding, hot air ballooning, river rafting, it has got everything to widen that curve on their lips of those enthusiasts. Rohtang place, Solang valley, Bhrigu lake are some of the must visit places here.

10. Shimla

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There must be something special in this place that makes one desires to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Indeed it has! Not one but enough. There’s nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you, but Shimla can. The snow clad mountains, valleys, and rivers scream out the place’s very beautiful. Paradise, it is, and is known to enhance your very love for nature. Jakhoo hills, mall road, and Chadwick Falls are some of the places you would love to set your foot into.

So our list is complete now! Hope you have packed your stuff to make the best moments of your life amidst these beautiful valleys

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar

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