Top 10 beaches to Visit in India

How blissful it is when the cold and pleasant breeze giggles in your ears and blow your hair away, a visit to a beach is what wonders can do to yourself. You don’t even have to take a bath for just walking down the beach cleanses all the miseries and stress for a while. The waves may wash away the sand castles but it can never wash away the exotic experience you feed in the back of your mind when you make it a visit. The list features the best inland beaches to make the dejected moments happy and the happy moments much more ecstatic. So here’s the list of top 10 beaches to Visit in India:

1.Colva Beach, Goa

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There’s a reason why Goa has been one of the most planned locations of everyone to visit in their college days. And the reason happens to be the beautiful beaches. Colva beach is the one you shall never give a miss…we repeat never! It’s a magnet attracting a million eyes from not only the country but all over the world. not only it has its clean white sand and turquoise blue waters to please one’s eye but also medium to satisfy that rising adrenaline rush among the enthusiasts, be it paragliding, parasailing, banana rides and dolphin sighting tours. Also, it has a lot to offer to feed that empty stomach of yours. There are a lot of shacks, bars and restaurants to offer you some delicious cuisines. You can visit this beach anytime, however, try to avoid it in monsoon months because of high sea waves and currents.

2.Ganpatipule Beach – Maharashtra

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Apart from the beautiful white sands, there is a lot more that makes folks visit it all around the year. Other than the blissful vistas of measureless sea spread across the Konkan coast, there is something divine in the very air, thanks to the Ganpatipule Temple! Which attracts numberless eyeballs to this very beach. It’s not the end, there is a lot more! The beach offers horse rides and camel rides to its travelers. You can also find various food stalls to go munching on some delicious food.

3.Cansaulim Beach- South Goa

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If you’re one of those who is in love with their solitude and desire an escape from all the illusions of life, this beach is calling out your name. Unlike other beaches, there is no rush of people. You don’t have to look for serenity amongst the crowd because you can easily find it here. The golden sands, clean and blue waves echoing in silence and the pretty clean surroundings are icing on the cake.  You can choose to walk while the waves touch your feet or you can have food in this tranquil atmosphere at the restaurants and hotels at the other side of the beach.  There are a number of petit shops where you shop or simply window-shop. Also, the beach has quite a few adventure sports you wish to unravel their sporty spirits, like windsurfing, diving, fishing, parasailing, and jet – skiing and windsurfing. A perfect blend of seclusion and beauty this beach is.

4.Marari Beach- Kerala

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No wonder why they call Kerala, a paradise of India! The beach does justice to the beauty crown bestowed to Kerala. One can forget the miseries of their lives amidst the peace and tranquility the beach bestows. apart from the stillness of the water, yes this beach is famous for its backwaters, it has a number of adventure sports to bequeath to its visitors, say sea surfing, parasailing , sea fishing. Along with that you can also leisure in cruise in Kerala’s backwaters

5.St Mary’s Island – Karnataka

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Hang on, it’s time to turn the pages of your history books! Not only this island cum beach holds is essence in beauty but also has a remarkable history. Vasco Di Gama had his foot on this land. You might have heard this name, if not you need to work on your knowledge of history. Well to ease your task, he was the man who discovered India.

You’d have the benefit of having 3 more while having 1. This island possesses 4 beaches. Not only their beauty is magnificent but its rocks, and just to curate much interest, these are no ordinary rocks, but igneous rocks. This is one of the reasons why geologists and tourists have much interest in this place. And to reach the climax, due to some natural phenomenon, these islands separated from Madagascar island millions of years ago. You can simply sit on the rocks and let the breeze cuddle your face while beholding some wonderful vistas of the unfathomable sea.

6.Dhanushkodi Beach – Ramesawaram (Tamil Nadu)

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We bet you won’t be willing to leave reading this paragraph halfway. The beach has that history which would certainly make you google it. There 3 pages that we are going to unfold before you. The first happens to be! The beach has a mythological significance. It is believed that Lord Ram with the help of Lord Hanuman and his ‘Vanar Sena’ built a bridge to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita. It was that very place! Yes, you heard that right! Secondly in 1964 due to a cyclone, the place submerged. A lot many people died. Since then the town is declared a ghost town. Thirdly, there still happens to be remains of the wreck that the storm produced which includes the remains of buildings and ships. You can reach here via jeeps and local vans.  Just to warn you, the place is prone to high storms and cyclones. So think a number of times before heading to it. Even if you want to visit it for the deep blue waters and sky and migratory birds or to pick up those unique seashells at the shore, you’re good to go!

7.Radhanagar Beach – Andaman Nicobar Island

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Everyone is familiar with the beauty the island of Andaman holds. Credit goes to its heavenly beaches that you would hardly find anywhere in India. One such beach is this, probably the most popular one in this place. the fact that it was ranked as the best beach in Asia and amongst the top 10 beaches in the world, both awarded by time magazine. Well, that’s a sufficient reason for you to include this beach in your travel diaries. Sadly the beach doesn’t allow adventure sports but you can find pure bliss here walking down the white sand and beholding the white sand and blue waters and sky.

8.Cavelossim Beach- Goa

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Beauty it does bestows and opportunity too, to make Goa the best trip of your life.  Not only you could walk while the waves hit your feet and fill your senses with ecstasy but it has more. You can quench your thirst for adventure by involving yourself in various water sports like scuba diving, biking, banana ride, parasailing, biking and what not! And something much happening awaits you here! If you’re a party freak and wish to dance your feet to the rhythm of the electronic music, this is the perfect natural discotheque. The beach has popular nightclubs and restaurants to offer to make nights the best night of your life. So come on! Shake that feet and dance like no one’s watching.

9.Ezhimala Beach- Kovalam

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Just to give you more reasons to make a visit here! Apart from the picturesque scenes of this beach, there are many other things to explore to give rise to the knowledge seeking person within you. The ancient cave located at the foothills and a must visit spot. Hanuman Temple and A mosque are other famous locations on the beach.

10.Palolem Beach- Goa

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Words once said cannot be taken back. But your steps could be taken back! Well if you’ve been to Goa but missed this beach, we urge you to take your steps back to that mystical place and behold that beauty and rectify the blunder you just committed. Well! The hyperbole clearly declares the magnitude of the magnificence of this beach. It is for a reason that they call it the best beach of Goa there are many alternatives whose hobby horses call for water rides, you can go kayaking, paddling and dolphin spotting

Sit back and behold the majestic sea! Let it wash away all the melancholy away.

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar

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