Top 15 Places to Visit in Chennai for Couples

Couples always like spending time with each other. The romantic weather and beautiful landscapes in Chennai will really attract you where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones and strengthen your relationships. You can have a great experience of strolling along verdant pathways with hand in hand or discovering your favorite spot while climbing peaks or simply enjoying the nature at sparkling beaches with your partner. Here is the list of the top 15 places to visit in Chennai for couples

1. Theosophical Society

If you are a nature lover couples do visit this place. The scenic beauty of greenery surroundings will make it a perfect dating spot. The entry fee is free and the park is open for limited hours only.

2. Marina  Beach

Marina!! It is the longest urban beach in India and a well-known spot for cozying up with your love interest. It is a popular picnic spot attracting the couples with its long stretch of silver sands and blue sea. One can enjoy a clear view of sunrise and sunset.

The side drive of the beach is fringed by palms and casuarinas which provide shade. Couples can also enjoy the activities like wind surfing, fishing, sunbathing, kite flying and beach volley ball. The panoramic views of the city will give an amazing experience. Marina Beach also has an Aquarium, artificial water fountain, a swimming pool, and a park.

3. Besant Nagar BEAch

Elliott Beach!! One of the calm and cleanest beaches in Tamil Nadu. It is an ideal spot for relaxing and lazing around and an ideal spot for couples. You can reach by walking down the southern side of the Marina beach. Lovers can enjoy capturing the picturesque views of the birds like Pond Herons and flamingos. There are plenty of restaurants catering to every budget. In addition, there are coffee shops and ice cream places if you would like to keep it simple on a first date. The advantage of Besant Nagar is that you can combine a visit to Elliot’s beach with a dinner date or just stroll along the tree-lined avenues.

4. Dakshina Chitra

Dakshina Chitra is a small village has been recreated using replicas of traditional South Indian houses dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. One can get a peek into the lifestyle and customs of different communities of South India and also view artifacts made by the local artisans. Another treat is one can taste a vast array of the traditional South Indian cuisine. A great place to discover culture in a serene and calm surrounding! Dakshin Chitra will give you both plenty of opportunity to bond in the midst of exquisite art and architecture.

5.  Amethyst Cafe

Chennai has its share of chic and trendy cafes that provide a great setting for a date. The Amethyst Cafe in the heart of the city is an oasis of greenery that not only serves food but also sells cool stuff from leading fashion designers in India. They even have a flower shop! This is an ideal place to take your date and spend a few hours forgetting the fact that you are in Chennai!

6. Muttukadu

Muttukadu is one of the tourist places and backwater area near Chennai where one can get to indulge in watersports. Couples can enjoy the glimpse of various species of birds at the backwaters during migratory season. One can enjoy the beach sports like Rowing, water skiing, speed boat riding, wind surfing and paddle boating in Muttukadu.

If you are adventurous, you can hire the aqua scooters and zip around the lake that is connected to the Bay of Bengal. A couple of hours at Muttukadu can get you hungry before you head out for lunch or dinner.

7. Pulicat Lake

Pulicat! A small seashore township on the island of Sriharikota dividing the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal. Couples can visit during the Flamingo Festival between December to January months where thousands of the bird species align on the swampy regions of the Pulicat Lake. Bird watching is a prominent activity for tourists where one can capture some of the most stunning species of migratory birds and perfect for dating spot. Several beach activities and water sports are other forms of entertainment in Pulicat.

8. Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach!!If you are water enthusiast couple then do visit this beach in Chennai which is well known for its watersport activities. One can enjoy the beach sports like windsurfing and swimming. It is a neat and clean beach with deep shallows and natural rocks for added scenic beauty. It is the perfect spot for families especially for the weekend destinations with serene surroundings.

There is no better way to break the ice and know your date intimately by taking up a challenging task together. There are a couple of surf schools in Covelong where you can enjoy with your partner.

9. Taj Fisherman’s Cove

The legendary Fisherman’s Cove is not for the budget-minded couple! If you have deep pockets, then look no further than the Fisherman’s Cove. There are world-class restaurants that serve you amazing food on the beach and to top it all, there are live shows. Because this is a private resort, you will have acres of clean beach all for yourself.

10. Sport Fishing

Fishing is a great option for an exciting and adventurous date! There are a couple of companies that offer sport fishing trips. They have modern boats and all the accessories you will need and they will also arrange light snacks for you on the high seas if you book in advance. You can book 2-hour or even 8-hour trips depending on how serious you are with fishing. A 2-hour boat ride and fishing should be good enough for a date though. Beware of sea sickness! If you are both adventurous, sports fishing in Chennai is a must! Among the best dating spots in Chennai if you enjoy the adrenaline rush.

11.  St. Thomas Mount

This is a great place for a date if the two of you have tucked in a heavy meal at a restaurant and you want to continue the date and at the same time burn some calories! Located close to the airport, St Thomas Mount has a church on top. You can take the stairs for a nice workout and once you get up the hill soak in the views of Chennai or enjoy the beautiful sunset! You should count St. Thomas Mount among the best dating spots in Chennai if all you want is a heart to heart conversation.

12. Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is about 35 km from the city of Chennai. It is in the Vandalur Reserve Forest and hence known as ‘Vandalur Zoo’. This zoo is home to more than 170 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Here the animals are brought under natural habitat. One can enjoy the  Elephant Safari which is very popular. Nocturnal Section, Reptile Section, aquarium, and library are the other features of Arignar Anna Zoological Park. You will have plenty of space to walk around the zoo or even hire rickety bicycles with your partner to check out the vast zoo.

13. Amusement Parks

There are plenty of amusement parks in Chennai along the coast as well as along the Chennai – Bangalore highway. Couples can enjoy great amusements paradises like  Queens Land, VGP Universal Kingdom, dolphin city and Little folks, MGM Dizzee World, and Kishkinta which are popular in Chennai. One can enjoy the adult rides like a big wheel, Caribbean swing, creeper bug, disco saucer and much more.

14. East Coast Road – Mahabalipuram

East Coast Road happens to be one of the most visited roads in India and is a couple’s paradise. A complete package, the road has a grand temple, an artist’s village, a quaint beach, and some adventure parks alongside. This road is among the most romantic places in Chennai for couples to enjoy the best of all the worlds. Check out the art and greenery of Cholamandal Artists Village, go to Mahabalipuram Temple for a spiritual romance, explore the Covelong beach, have an adventurous day out at MGM Dizzee World, and boat at Muttukadu Boat House.

15. Guindy National Park

Guindy is the only national park situated in the middle of the city that has the varied range of flora and fauna. The lanes and pathways lined with trees give you scenic moments to walk through life. Walk together through the lanes and pathways, sit, relax and unwind amidst the solitude of the wild. If visiting Chennai, then this park is a must visit.

So, if you are planning for a date with your partner in Chennai the above spots are the best places to have relaxed romantic holidays. The modern and the traditional faces along with the perfect life style and great mood makes Chennai city a beautiful destination for couples.

Contributor: M. Pravalika

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