10 Things to Do in Ooty

Ooty is one of the most beautiful destinations in India. With tourism and agriculture being the booming industries, this place attracts thousands of people from all over the world. People visit here and enjoy the climate of this place. Even for a weekend trip, visitors have a great time here. While you visit the town, you may do different things here. I am going to mention a list of 10 things to do in Ooty and I am sure that will make your trip a memorable one.

1. Sight-seeing

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Whenever any visitor goes to some place, he/she wants to see around. Ooty is a place which is filled with the beautiful, romantic and fun place where one may go and see the beauty of nature. Whether it is Doddabetta peak or Pykara waterfalls or the botanical garden or the vast tea estates, nature has constructed this place with utmost love. You are gonna love every place equally and will not stop roaming around until you are really tired. This place is filled with beautiful sights of mountains, forests and rivers; watching them will be a treat to your eyes. Also, they will relax your mind. The dew freshness of the morning sun rays sweet smell of the soil and the tenderness of the cool and murmuring breeze can easily behold the minds and offer them with peace and serenity.

2. Clicking pictures

I do not need to mention this but just to remind you; this is one thing which will make your trip unforgettable. One look at those pictures and you will travel back in time to this place and every second of that trip would be revived in your mind. Ooty is filled with picturesque places and views where a photographer will have the time of his/her life. Even if you are not a professional, this place will inspire the snapper in you. You will get the chance to capture the scenic beauty of nature in your camera lens.

3. Toy train ride

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A great way to reach this beautiful hill station, it is a 5 hours journey, starting from Mettupalayam. It was started by Britishers. The way of the train goes through the mountains, forests and the uncountable bridges and tunnels. The way is a dangerous one being Asia’s steepest track. Also, it is the slowest. It will be an awesome experience. It was declared a heritage site by UNESCO. It starts early in the morning and books the tickets beforehand as the train is pretty crowded. There are various stations in the way like Coonoor, Wellington etc. you will cherish this one journey forever.

4. Watching the sunrise at Doddabetta peak

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This is one of the most delightful activities which you get to enjoy while in the town. Reach early in the morning at the top of the highest peak of Southern part of the country and savor your eyes with the beautiful scenery of the rising sun and the clouds in the sky along with the view of vast forest valleys and the entire town. But here’s a catch! To get this terrific view in front of your eyes, you should be lucky enough which means that it should be a clear day. If you are fortunate then you may get to watch a ‘out of the world’ view to be etched in your mind forever.

5. Boating at Ooty or Pykara Lake

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This is an activity which you will love the most. There are 2 lakes in the town: one in the town itself and the other one in Pykara. You may hire a shikhara, a motor boat or a pedaling one. Both of them are surrounded by forests and lush greenery. While doing this, you may pose and play with your camera and have some pictures to post on your social-media accounts. When I visited the city, I took a pedal boat and enjoy a lot for 1-2 hours. It was an amazing experience.

6. Have tea

This is a pretty much obvious thing to do while visiting Ooty. There are hundreds of varieties of tea served in here which are of excellent quality. You must have them. They are of exquisite taste which will relax and refresh your mind. The Glen Morgan tea estate is a must visit for all those chai lovers. You can even spot the plains of Mysore and the famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary from the estate. Be it a roadside chai stall, or a big tea selling café, you will get the best tea to taste here.

7.Camping and trekking

This is another adventure activity that you may do while visiting Ooty. You can go hiking, trekking, angling, fishing, and even mountain biking with your friends and family. Moreover, the pleasant climate further enhances the experience. It is a must for wildlife lovers. You can spot some predatory animals. You can hire a guide if you want. Other than Ooty, you can set base at Coonoor or Kotagairi. Lose yourself in the wonders of nature as you trek the various trails and circuits that are hidden in the folds of the Nilgiris. Imagine this! Waking up to a beautiful morning with the birds chirping and the Nilgiris whistling thrush, having a lunch amidst the forest and enjoying the night beside a born-fire with your friends and family. Fascinating enough? Try this and have a gala time.

8.Enjoying different varieties of plants at the Botanical Garden

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A perfect hot-shot place for horticulturists, this will be a super way to spend your day walking amidst the different varieties of plants here. The garden is divided into various sections, spread over a vast area of 22 hectares. The highlight of the garden is a fossil tree that is believed to be 20 million years old. Another attraction here is the Toda tribe settlement towards the top of the garden. The garden features more than 650 species of flowers and trees. The paperbark tree, the monkey puzzle tree and an old fossilized tree (estimated to be 20 million years old) round out the other rare species. The monkey puzzle tree has been named so because even monkeys fail to climb it.

9.Mudumalai tiger reserve

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Another one of animal lovers, this activity will take you through the lush green forests where you will get to watch different animals if you are lucky enough. Covering an area of 321 km, Gray langur and the bonnet macaque are both living in the park. But you can also see fauna such as tigers, leopards, striped hyenas, dholes, sloth bears, Asian elephants, and Golden Jackals. It is also home to different species of birds.Crested hawk-eagle, the crested serpent eagle, the Malabar Trojan, and the Malabar gray hornbill are some of them. The Moyar River and Nilgiri River flow through the reserve. You may take the bus provided by the reserve to take a tour of the destination. It is surrounded by the tropical evergreen forest, shrub and swamp, moist teak forest, moist mixed deciduous, dry teak forest and secondary grassland. It is one of the main tourist destination spots. There is also a museum where some animals who once lived in the Mudumalai Jungle are preserved. It is a wonderful experience altogether.

10. Shopping

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Any trip is incomplete without shopping souvenirs for our loved ones. Here in Ooty, along with the handicrafts and clothes, you must purchase the home-made chocolates and other bakery items which are so mouth-watering that you will lick your fingers. You may gift them or keep them for yourselves. Higginbotham is a treat for book lovers. This is the oldest and most renowned book shop in Ooty. You may spend hours here, also, buying tea and spices from here are highly recommended as they are of greatest quality.

This was all about the major things that you can do whenever you visit the queen of the hill stations, Ooty. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and have a great trip ahead!

Contributor: Akanksha Bhadauria

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