Ranbir Kapoor, the travel icon of India!

Ranbir Kapoor is a blessing for us mango people, am I right? From Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’s high-spirited and vivacious Bunny to the literal rockstar Janardhan in Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor is one actor who is comfortable donning many hats and taking the viewers’ breath away. From very energetic to very goofy to very grunge, Ranbir shines in it all. It can be safely assumed that any movie that he is in will be a great movie, well, acting-wise, at least! So keeping that in mind, here is a specially curated list of shooting locations of our favorite star, just to have an idea of what it’s like to be in Ranbir’s shoes!

1. Anjaana Aur Anjaani ki Kahani

Anjaana Anjaani is one of the older movies of Ranbir when he was but a young star. The beautiful locales of the movie took everyone’s breath away.

Shooting Locations: Shot extensively throughout the United States, this movie is a gold mine for travel enthusiasts. Some famous locations are:

  • Jean Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, Nevada where Hairat was shot.
  • Lake Mead in the Mojave Desert, Nevada. The shooting location of Tujhe Bhula Diya.
  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York.
  • Wollman Rink, New York (when Tu Naa Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda was playing the background).
  • Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, California.
  • Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Best time to visit: Visit during February to April. The temperatures are mild during this time and you’ll also find wildflowers.

2. Rock It With The Rockstar

I’m sure you all remember Rockstar, right? That movie is a cult favourite. The strong emotions towards passion and life which formed many layers in the movie coupled with the beautiful locales and an amazing performance by Ranbir Kapoor are sure to blow everyone’s mind. And don’t even get us started on the songs! A. R. Rahman creates magic.

Shooting Locations: Rockstar’s amazing and breath-taking locations are sure to send shivers down your spine.

  • Kashmir (Kulgam, Kupwara and Srinagar) is obviously a must visit.
  • Delhi. What’s not to like, right?
  • Prague (Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge and the Old Town) are a must visit. The song “Tum Ho” takes places in these places, amongst others.
  • Liberec, Czech Republic (Dr Beneš Square). You’ll remember this place in the song “Hawa Hawa”.

Best time to visit: 

  • Visit Prague around March to May, while June to September is the ideal time for Liberec.
  • You should visit Kashmir around March to August since both spring and summer will be covered during this time. The cool weather of summer and the blossoms of spring will surely be an enthralling experience.
  • You should visit Delhi around October to March. During this time, the weather is pleasant and the flowers will be in full bloom.

3. Make the Jawani even more deewani

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is everyone’s favourite. Relatable characters, a fun premise, amazing songs, and a whole lot of travelling- what else do you need?

Shooting Locations: Spanning over a variety of locations, this movie has been an inspiration to many. Some of the shooting locations are:

  • If you’re a fan of trekking, then you must visit Gulaba, Banjaar, Hamta, and Naggar, like Ranbir and gang.
  • Some amount of shooting also took place in Udaipur and Srinagar. Two marvellous places which are an absolute must visit.
  • The scenes after Bunny left India to study abroad and his eventual career there was shot in Paris and France on Rue Mouffetard.

Best time to visit: 

  • You should visit Manali during October to February if you like it cold. Otherwise, visit during January to enjoy the pleasant weather and the fresh snowfall.
  • Paris during June to August is perfect for a holiday.

4. Tamasha Machao

Let’s all agree Tamasha wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The movie didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Some loved it, and some hated it. Tamasha was truly a different movie, showing the complexities of the human psyche. Adding to that were the elaborate costumes and the beautiful sets!

Shooting locations: Most of Tamasha was shot in Corsica. The beautiful mountainous regions of the place are breathtaking (which was apparent in the movie). A single mountain chain makes up two-thirds of the island. Some must visit places in Corsica are Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Bastia etc.

FYI: If you’re in love with the song Matargashti, it was shot in Place du Donjon, Bastia and Haute-Corse- all located in Corsica.

Best time to visit: If you’re interested to hit the beach from the moment you reach Corsica, you should visit during May to September. The heat is pleasant and the water remains cool and is ideal for swimming. If swimming isn’t a big deal for you, and you’re more interested in the heritage sites, then you can visit after October, during the winter months.

5.  Mushkil sa Dil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil may not be a box office success, but the acting, the costumes, and the locations definitely were. From Aishwariya’s sizzling onscreen presence to Anushka’s girl-next-door act- you definitely will not be able to take your eyes off the screen. And more so if you have the travel bug in you!

Shooting Locations: Shooting took place in Austria, London, and Paris- extensively in Austria.

  • If you remember Anushka’s very filmy Yash Raj movies’ inspired dance moves, that shooting took place in Innsbruck, Austria. The cozy lodges and the awe-inspiring view of the Alps are a wonderful experience.
  • The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai’s entrance is further complemented by Vienna’s stunning backdrop. The quaint cobbled streets, the historic monuments, and a culture which combines the old and the new seamlessly is what sums up Vienna.
  • Live through the happening London suburbs just like Ranbir and Anushka as they dine at posh restaurants, party at silent discos, and ride in London’s iconic black taxis around London’s most hip districts.
  • Exploring a quirkier, wackier, and a more artsy side of the ever beautiful Paris, follow Ranbir and Anushka as they stay at a unique boutique hotel, and prance around the cobbled streets of Paris.

FYI: Visit the tallest hotel in Innsbruck, The Adlers Design Hotel. The ADHM stars all stayed there.

Best time to visit: 

  • Visit Austria during April – May or September – October to enjoy a mild weather.
  • You should visit London around September – November.
  • Visit Paris during June – August for the best holiday.

Now that you know the nitty-gritty details of the best of Ranbir’s movies, it’s time for you to start booking tickets. You should definitely keep these places in your bucket-list as these will be an experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Start packing!

Contributor: Archi Sengupta.

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