Top 10 Picnic Spots near Mumbai

Mumbai a dream city, filled with natural scenic beauty along with Architectural marvels. Every family is busy working and earning hoards of money for leisure but forgets to enjoy life. It is must to be happy for healthy mind and body. Going out on a picnic or one-day outing on weekends along with family and friends is a good form of leisure and entertainment. Picnic Locations in Mumbai are Elephanta caves, Vasai Fort, Matheran, Alibaug, Kamala Nehru Park, Adlabs Imagica, Karnala, Manori and Kelva Beach. If you stay in Mumbai or nearby, here is a list of the top 10 picnic spots near Mumbai that you can check out:

1. Elephanta caves

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If you wish to enjoy ancient architectures and sculptures then you must visit Elephanta caves. You need to take a ferry/boat ride from Gateway of India to reach these caves. Initially you will get to see hills and you’ll be surrounded by sea. Then as you move on, you’ll come across the stairs and alongside of stairs there hundreds of shops that sell stone and gems, and handmade articles, they even sell statues of elephant carved on wood and stone, glass statues, etc. What more you can see here? Lots and lots of monkeys- everywhere! The visitors need to move up the hill to enter the caves. Inside the caves there are statues of many lords, like Lord Shiva, Trimurti sadasiva, Panchmukha lord Shiva. These are few of the major attractions here.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 9 am to 5pm (Not open on Monday)

Things to do: Sightseeing, Boating, Shopping, Toy Train, Animal and bird watching, Sculptures.

2. Vasai Fort        

image9 5Vasai fort is also known as Bassein Fort. This place is best for sightseeing and relaxing. If you don’t wish a tiring picnic then this is the perfect spot for you. There is lot to see here but inside the fort, vegetation has grown up and renovation work is going on. This fort was built by the Portuguese but it has broken in various places because of wars. This is good place for a picnic, best for just sitting and relaxing.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Things to do: Sightseeing

3. Matheran

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Matheran is a hill station located in Neral. Entry fee is Rs.50/- per person. You can take a ride via Toy train from Neral station to the top of the hill station. Climate is cool and pleasant here. There are various lakes, valleys, and hills that you can enjoy. Matheran is famous for its 38 Sightseeing points- few of them are Panorama Point, King George Point, Louisa Point, Echo Point and the Charlotte Lake. Families visiting Matheran can enjoy horse riding and toy train for kids. It is advised to wear light and comfortable clothes and boots as you will have to walk long distances to reach various locations inside the hill station.

Best time to visit: October to March

Timing: 8am to 7:30 pm

Things to do: Sightseeing, Shopping, Horse Riding, Trekking, Toy train

4. Alibaug

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Alibaug is in Raigad district, Mumbai. It has a long and beautiful coast. Alibaug also has a famous Fort, also named Alibaug, built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. This is a perfectly peaceful spot for a picnic as it is very clean and there’s not much pollution. You can wander along the shore amidst the sunset. As it is a coastal area you can easily find eateries nearby which serves sea foods. In the shops nearby you will find antique items, bags, ornaments, handmade articles, etc. Overall Alibaug is the best picnic spot for one day.

Best time to visit: Winter and Summer Season

Timing: 7am to 7pm

Things to do: Sightseeing, Fort, Beaches, shopping

5. Kamala Nehru Park and Hanging Garden

Kamala Nehru Park is situated at the top of the Malabar hill, Mumbai. This is a beautiful park, a very good choice for picnic along with family and friends. The entry is free. You can enjoy morning walks here in the middle of the green lush gardens. The famous attraction here is the boot house. It is a boot shaped house inside the park. From this location you will get a beautiful view of the Queen’s necklace, also known as Marine Line.  The garden includes wide variety of trees and flowering bushes. Overall, Kamala Nehru Park is a complete delight for kids.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 5:00am to 9:00 pm

Things to do: Walking, Boot House, Sightseeing.

6. Adlabs Imagica

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Adlabs Imagica is located in Khopoli, Mumbai. It is a worthy place for a picnic for kids and family. The park has not only thrilling rides but also water park/rides and a snow park. The charges or entry fees ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs.1800 depending on the age. The various rides in the theme park are Nitro, Deep space, dare to drop, gold rush, alibaba and challis chor etc. The rides in Water Park, called Aqua Imagica, are Loopy woopy, screamer, Boomeranggo, the pirate’s bay, etc. The snow park includes real snow, snow slide, snow basketball, snow hiking, snow dance floor, etc.Various food court is also available inside the park.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 11am to 5pm

Things to do: Theme park rides, Water rides, Snow Park

7. Karnala

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Karnala Fort is located in Raigad district. This is best for those who love natural beauty, greenery and Cool climatic conditions. Along with the fort, this place has a bird sanctuary too. You can observe the amazing view from the top of the fort. Nice place for photo-shooting and bird watching.

Best time to visit: summer and rainy season

Timing: 7am to 6pm

Things to do: Sightseeing, Fort trekking, shopping, Bird watching.

8. Manori

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Manori is small village located at Dharavi Bhet, Mumbai. Manori is famous for its beach and creek. Most families visit this place as it has less traffic and low on pollution level. Best time is the Morning- for long cycling rides and walking along the shore. It is a peaceful location for a picnic. Many cottages and rent houses for regular visitors are also available. You can enjoy your weekend here, relishing over the coastal fish food. It is calm and noise free here and you get lots of fun at very less cost.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 6am to 7pm

Things to do: Food, cycling, relaxing, Sunrise and sunset viewing, fishing

9. Karjat

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Karjat city is famous for its greener atmosphere. All the people who stay in the main city move out of the city to find peace. In weekends you can visit Karjat and stay here for a day. At Karjat there are various farmhouses that are rented to visitors and family. The farmhouse is very big and includes swimming pools, gardens, Small Park for kids, Rain dance facility and much more. It is very refreshing and relaxing to be away on weekends from the otherwise busy regular schedules. As it is hilly area the location is always cool. Thus karjat is a must visit for a picnic.

Best time to visit: Rainy and winter season.

Timing: 7am to 7pm

Things to do: Relaxing and having fun.

10. Kelva Beach

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Kelva beach is located near Palghar, Mumbai. As it is a beach, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The beach has three forts. You can visit these forts. This place is not so crowded and therefore you can find tranquillity here. Relaxing on beach, playing beach games with family are some of the stuff you can do here.

Best time to visit: Any season

Timing: 7am to 7pm

Things to do: Sightseeing

Even if Mumbai city is very busy, crowded and polluted, it has its own beauty and serenity- in the outskirts. All these picnic spots can be enjoyed in just one day. It is very cheap and affordable for weekends nearby picnic with family and friends.

Contributor: Deepika Devendra Kumar

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