Places to See in Mumbai near CST

Mumbai is such a marvelous city that one day is very less to enjoy its magic completely. There are lots places to see and visit here. In case you have one day to visit Mumbai, you can enjoy the vista near CST i.e. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which was formerly known as VT (Victoria Terminus). CST is a terminus with 18 platforms that connects the harbour line, central line and western line. Various places near CST are Gateway of India, Various Fountains, St. Thomas Cathedral Church, and various Art Galleries etc. CST and its locality is famous for its Street shopping, Street food, and bazaars. Mumbai is a dream city, a wonder land a lot to see and enjoy. So here are a few places to see in Mumbai near CST:

1. Gateway of India

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The Gateway of India is the most famous tourist attraction near CST. It is surrounded by the view of the Arabian Sea; the waves of the sea will bring smiles on everyone’s faces. Here you can enjoy the boat rides or ferries. At the front of Gateway of India, you will get a view of Taj Mahal Palace, Oberoi-Trident Hotel etc. At Gateway of India, photographers earn a lot by taking photographs of the visitors. Don’t miss to enjoy the Malai Kulfi which is very famous at this site.

Best time to visit: Rainy and winter season

Things to do: Boating, Sightseeing

2. Flora Fountain

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Flora Fountain is located at Hutatma Chowk, in south Bombay. This is an architectural monument. Its beauty lies in the fountain and beautiful sculpture embedded in it. It is considered as a part of the heritage of Mumbai.

Best time to visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing

3. St. Thomas Cathedral

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The St. Thomas Cathedral Church is located in the Horniman Circle nearby the Flora Fountain. The Church’s infrastructure is beautiful. This is the oldest church in Mumbai. It has its historic importance and also considered to be a heritage to the city. This church has beautiful glass paintings on the door and windows of the church.

Best time to visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing, Visiting church

4. National Gallery of Modern Art

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This is an art gallery located near Colaba, Mumbai. National Gallery of Modern Art is a gallery where a large number of artists i.e. painters, sculptors and various artists come here to showcase their art in the exhibition. You can visit this place if you have knowledge of art and have interest in paintings, portraits and artistic artefact’s.

Best time to visit: Any season

Things to do: Visit

5. Jahangir Art Gallery

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Jahangir Art Gallery is located near Kala Ghoda, South Bombay. This art gallery is used as an auditorium as well as for art exhibition. The entrance of this gallery is connected to the street where most of the street plays take place. You must visit this gallery if you are fond of art and artists.

Best time to visit: Any season

Things to do: Visit

6. The Asiatic Society State Central library

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The Asiatic Society State Central library is situated on the Shahid Bhagat Singh Road. This is a library with over thousands of books which includes valuable ancient books, Artifacts, etc. People take membership of the library but lately, the number of members has been decreasing because most of the information is available over the internet. The architecture of the building itself is worth watching.

Best time to visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing, Visit

7. Raja Bhai Clock Tower, Oval Maidan.

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Raja Bhai Clock Tower is located near the University of Mumbai. It is a part of the University. It is a beautiful tower made during the British rule. The Oval Maidan is near Churchgate. Oval maidan is in front of the Bombay High Court. This place is famous for morning walks and sports training and practice. Sports played here are mostly cricket and football. The Oval maidan is covered with green lawn grass.

Best time to Visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing, playing

8. Zaveri Bazaar / Manish Market

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Zaveri Bazaar is located in Bhuleshwar, South Bombay. It is famous for its jewelry. Here you can visit for jewellery shopping and also for visiting the market in general. Manish Market is in CST which is very famous for good products and at a cheaper rate. The market is very crowded. Shopaholics can spend lavishly for clothes, accessories, electronics product, household item, etc.

Best time to Visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing, Shopping.

9. Wankhede Stadium

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If you are a cricket fan then this stadium is a must visit. This is a very famous stadium in Mumbai. This stadium holds various cricket matches. You can book tickets and enjoy the live performance of your favourite cricketer and teams. This stadium is a famous attraction to tourist while a match is going on.

Best time to Visit: During Cricket match.

Things to do: Sightseeing, sports.

10. Fashion Street

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Fashion Street is a market for street shopping with over 385 shops. Fashion Street is very famous amongst youngsters of Mumbai as it provides very trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories like ornaments, shoes, bags, sunglasses, perfume, etc. at affordable prices. Fashion Street is opposite to Bombay Gymkhana.

Best time to Visit: Any season

Things to do: Sightseeing, Shopping.

These are the few famous sites to visit nearby CST. These include places for Shopping, Architectural heritage site seeing, Stadium, Maidan etc.  For a one-day visit to CST you can enjoy a variety of things at once.

Contributor: Deepika Devendra Kumar.

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