Top 10 Places for Adventure Sports near Mumbai

Some of us have an undying love for the adrenaline rush and adventure sports are one of the ways to fulfil that.  Whether it’s about rafting through heavy current or trek to the highest fort or even flying down in a glider, the adventure enthusiasts never think twice before saying ‘Yes’. This article is for such people who will go to places just to take part in these sports and satisfy their appetite for thrill. Here is the list of the Top 10 Places for Adventure Sports near Mumbai.

1. Rafting in Kundalika River


This activity is done in a village on the banks of river Kundalika. Located in the virgin forests below Mulshi and Bhira Dams, the experience here would be wonderful. You are supposed to report at the raft start point at around 08:15 AM. After a short briefing session with the river guide and wearing the gear, you are good to go.

Distance from cities: the destination is 120km away from Mumbai and 100 km from Pune.

Other Activities: Nature trails, village based activities, easy treks, night trails, camp cookouts etc.

Pro tip: this activity is a bit dangerous. So, be careful.

2. Scuba Diving and Water Sports in Malvan

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Here, you have to reach the Tsunami Island where they do these awesome rides and stuff. You can indulge in different activities here, which mainly include “scuba diving” & “snorkelling”. You will experience the underwater life which would really excite you. You won’t want to go back home from here. Watching the creatures will calm you and at the same time fill you with indescribable ecstasy.

Distance from Mumbai: Approx. 489kms. It is an 11-hour drive from Bombay.

Other activities: banana boat ride, bumper boat ride and island tour, para sailing etc.

Pro tip: It is a little distant from the city. So, plan the journey and staying places accordingly.

3. Maval, Takve Lake

This Multi-Adventure activity Camp Site is located next to a lake near Kamshet off the old Mumbai-Pune highway. The activities are performed in groups; making it a perfect place to experience the adventure sports with your friends. There are different packages that you may avail according to your budget and the number of people. But all of them commonly include these 3 activities: Kayaking, River Swimming and River Crossing.

Distance from Mumbai: it is located 87.3 km away from the city.

Other activities: Tarzan Swing, Skywalk, Net Climbing, Tunnel Crawl, Tyre Crossing, Commando Walk etc.

Pro tip: Do visit here with your friends as the activities are done in groups.

4. paragliding in Kamshet

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You must go here if you have a love of heights or a fear of it which you wanna fight. They help you do paragliding for 15 min. The view that you will see from above will fill your mind with delight. The level of thrill you get by doing this is par imagination.

Distance from Mumbai: the distance is around 102 km from the Metropolitan.

Other activities: camping, bonfire, bird watching etc.

Pro tip: You can customise the flight according to your needs and requirements, i.e.  Anniversaries, birthday celebrations and other events.

5. trek to Rajmachi fort

The Rajmachi trek towards the forest, in the Sahyadri range, will surely please you to the foot. This adventure activity will take you through some beautiful landscapes on a bicycle or on foot, depending on your choice. This place is a favourite amongst the local trek lovers because you get to interact directly with nature here. The bike track starts at a predefined meeting point and continues up to Rajmachi, from where you can hike up to the Shrivardhan Fortress.

Distance from Mumbai: it takes around 6 h 13 min to reach here.

Other Activities: cycling and trekking.

Pro tip: If you do not own an own a cycle, they can connect you to the vendor and arrangements can be made.

6. rappling through Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli

This one is my personal favourite. Waterfall rappelling of 120 ft. here will leave you shivering as well as excited beyond the limit. A controlled descend through a waterfall using a rope, this beguiling activity will begin at around 10:30 AM at the Madap village. You are supposed to control your weight as you descend down using the rope tied to your body and have this unforgettable experience.

Distance from Mumbai: it is pretty near as it is only 75 km away from The City of Dreams.

Other activities: Picnicking, camping etc.

Pro tip: the activity could be a bit slippery. So be careful.

7. kayaking in Mumbai

This is the only activity i.e. “Kayaking” which one can do in Mumbai itself. You would not have to drive anywhere but grab your things and head to Chowpatty to do this activity. You will get a chance to dive into a new avatar of the city. This is also a lot of fun.

Other activities: eating at roadside vendors, taking pictures and frolicking in the Arabian Sea.

Pro tip: if you want more, you may continue the fun for five different sessions at an additional cost.

8. jet ski in Kihim Beach

Fancy a Jet Ski ride? Have it here at the beach and get a memorable experience. For those unknown, a jet ski is a streamlined boat that is propelled by water suction. It is also a wonderful thing to do.

Pro tip: do wear the life jacket.

Cost: INR 300 per rider.

9. various activities in Durshet

Also located in the Sahyadri ranges, it is an ideal getaway with mind-blowing sights and views. This place has tonnes of things for you to do, ranging from sight-seeing to recreational activities. There are many adventure activities which you may get yourselves indulged into. This place could constitute a full on an adventure weekend. Exciting, isn’t it?

Places to see: Sidi Ashtavnayak Temples at Pali and IMAGICA Park.

Other activities: rappelling, zip lining, wall climbing, treasure hunt, nature walks, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing and laddering.

Distance from Mumbai: 100km is the distance between the city that never sleeps and the destination.

Pro tip: you must visit here for a whole weekend to explore this place properly.

10. horse riding in Aundoli, Lonavala

This is also one of the destinations where may have an awesome time at the adventure camps. It is spread over 3.5 acres on the serene Aravali Ranges. The camp here could extend up to 4 days.

Distance from Mumbai: 82.7 km is the distance from this location to the city.

Other activities: horse-riding, camping and many of them.

Pro tip: They have hired experts to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Mumbai is famous for its beautiful sight-seeing destinations. But for once, you must try an unconventional trip in which you go to places like these to spend your weekend. I guarantee it will be really fun and memorable. Thanks. That’s all for today.


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