Top 10 Best Quiet Places to Visit in Mumbai

The city that never sleeps is popularly known as Mumbai. This city is known for its hustle and bustle. Malls, movies and the popular tourist places constitute the idea of a usual date. But these places are always crowded, thus fulfilling the words of the city. Also, to escape the busy and stressful lives, people need to go to these below written places to relax and refresh themselves for the next week. They are quiet and just perfect for a romantic date. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Quiet Places to Visit in Mumbai,

1. Marine Drive

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It is said that night is the most romantic time of the day. Just take your date on a bike ride or a long drive for this coffee. You will spend a really memorable time here. The night breeze that you will touch your face will make you feel immensely relaxed.

Things to do: drink coffee, sit silently or have a deep conversation here.

Pro tip: go there during the late night to catch the beautiful glimpse of the Queen’s necklace.

2. Rainforest, CBD Belapur

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As the name suggests, it is a forest themed restaurant. This one literally has the trees grown in the seating area to give you the real feel. The calm and quiet atmosphere here will surely refresh you for the next week. Also, this could be your idea of a fancy evening.

Things to do: Eat here, have a wonderful evening, click pictures etc.

Pro tip: The happy hours start from 12 PM to 8 PM and a pint of beer costs here INR 175.

3. Nariman point

This is also one of the few peaceful places in Mumbai. The atmosphere is really quiet and nobody gives a damn. You will feel extremely relaxed here. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, it is often termed as the ‘Manhattan of Mumbai’. This is because skyscrapers fill the whole area.

Things to do: take a walk after office, you can actually sleep here.

Pro tip: You must visit in the evening to catch the sunset.

4. Jogger’s park

As usual, parks are the single most peaceful areas left in the city. You will be extremely refreshed by taking a morning walk around here. With a beautiful view of the sea, the sunrise is not to miss also.

Moreover, you can come here for a jog or a morning date with your spouses. You may bring your children too to play so that they get a breath of fresh air.

Things to do: jog or take a walk, watch the sunset, sit silently, meditate etc.

Pro tip: do visit in the morning to see the sunrise.

5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Also, a quiet getaway for natives, the tranquillity of this place will calm you like never. The sceneries will refresh you. The lush greenery here will bring you great joy. Two of the city’s largest lakes – Vihar and Tulsi – are located within the national park. The park has its own toy train or tram, called Van Rani (jungle queen) which runs on a narrow gauge railway. The train goes through various bridges and tunnels which are a part of the jungle inhabited by deer and other animals. Imagine this- the sounds of birds chirping, a beautiful view of the lake and you are surrounded by woods; irresistible enough?

Things to do: have a ride in the train, take pictures, relax amidst the beauty of nature etc.

Pro tip: it is closed on Mondays and is open from 6:30AM to 6:30PM.

6. Bistro 1 café

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This place is loved by locals because of its amazing ambience and décor. It is a great place to go on a date. Also, it is an extremely serene place where one may go just to have some alone time. The food served is also amazing here.

Things to do: eat here, take pics, relax and spend some alone time or with a date.

Pro tip: whenever you visit, you must try tangy mango salad, kokum Fresca, grilled chicken melt sandwich and herb grilled chicken.

7. Pali Village Café

It is a European style restaurant with two levels, each split into an al fresco and air-conditioned areas. It is a bit expensive but the services provided are also great. It is a calm place. Most of the people have this desire that food with the peaceful environment; this is exactly the place these people were looking for.

According to a review, one of the finest Italian foods served. The ambience is cool and calm. I love the spinach fettuccine in tomato gravy.

Must Try Dishes: Apple-rhubarb Crumble, Kheema with Sunny Side Up.

Pro tip: plan your expenses as it is a bit expensive place.

8. Juhu Beach

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With an amazing view of the sea and sea breeze touching your face, what more do you need to calm yourselves? Come on morning walks here and have breakfast by the roadside vendors. During the morning time, this popular beach is less crowded giving you a place to interact with nature.

Things to do: watch the sunrise, morning walk, breakfast, photography etc.

Pro tip: Do spend some alone time here during mornings.

9. Silver Beach

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This is a place where you should go with your families and spend some fun by this beautiful beach. Also the best place for a jog, this place will also refresh you. After long hours on the beach, you can go to a welcome café for a brewing cup of coffee. There are many featured hotels offering authentic foods and coffee shops located within the proximity of the beach. If you are a historical enthusiast, you should definitely visit Gandhi Gram, near the beach where Mahatma Gandhi lived during his days of practice in the Bombay high court in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Things to do: relax beside the beach, visit coffee shops for a quick bite, visit Hare Krishna ISKCON complex and ISKCON temple and also, Gandhi Gram.

Pro tip: it is also close to the airport and can be reached by auto rickshaws, cabs and buses from significant points.

10. Kala Ghoda café

Also a peaceful place, the structure is an early-20th-century barn and has an impressive vaulted wooden ceiling. But it’s artsy refined air is what lures the customers to here. According to a review, “I tried waffles with honey and melted butter. It was good 3×5 bars. They provide you a whole bottle of honey and butter. You can have as much as you want. It’s a little peace place to chill out”.

Must have Dishes: Spaghetti Pasta, Cakes, Juice, Snacks, Tea and Coffee, Snacks etc.

Pro tip: it is an under budget place. It will cost around Rs.400 for two.

Silent getaways like these will really turn down the stress levels in your body. This will help you fight the mental problems and maintain your energies at your workplace.

Contributor: Akanksha Bhadauria

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