Places To Visit In Panchgani

Panchgani is all about relaxing. Panchgani is settled in the valley of 5 striking plateaus in Maharashtra. This place has all the attributes that make it a striking sight to behold. Panchgani, out of the city’s tiredness and hustle bustle, is meant to relax your nerves and nourish your adventure skills. The city a feast for the soul, with its natural scenic beauty, tourist attractions, and mesmerizing breeze. So, here is a list of all the beautiful places to visit in Panchgani.

1. Table Land

The most attracting and major place to visit, when you’re in Panchgani. A roadway leads you to the plateau top, the city’s topmost level, with a wide area to enjoy the weather. Adventure lovers may find their own trekking ways to reach there. Table Land is a marvelous place to cherish the hilly scenes, the fresh air, and the beautiful city’s panoramic view. This place lets you explore all the 5 hill plateau amidst which Panchgani is set. Horse riding, cart riding are the main activities which make it a nice spot for some fun. The tabletop even has paths which take you to two caves, i.e. the Tiger Cave and the Devil’s Kitchen, located in the southern part of Table Land. Clouds and fog are always a company round the year which makes the place extremely pleasing.

2. Devil’s Kitchen on the Tiger’s Cave

The two caves mentioned above are one of the oldest caves that are naturally built and maintained. These are located in the southern part of Table Land and open only on this side. Though small, these caves are mesmerizing to have a look at. The latter was a cave which was once a home to tigers; the former was used by the Pandava’s for some time during their exile. You could even spot the footsteps of the great Pandava brothers near the caves. They both even have restaurants serving you with quick hot meals in the semi-open areas of the caves.

3. Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden gives you the tastiest food to enjoy in its well-maintained lawns surrounded by fresh air and picturesque views. Well, Mapro is one of the top companies in Maharashtra selling squashes, juices, jams etc. The Mapro Garden here gives you beautiful scenic landscapes, along with its products to taste. It is situated on the curvaceous road connecting Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. The beautiful range of flavors in its each product is marvelous and each of them tastes just WOW! They even have chocolates and ice-cream and tea flavors too, to taste and to take away at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is a must stop over place. It’s absolutely heavenly combined with natural and man-made wonders.
It hosts a Strawberry Festival each year in the summer.

4. Parsi Point

On the way to Mahabaleshwar exists a beautiful Parsi Point, perfect for a picnic. The point overlooks Krishna Valley and sparkling rivers through the Dhom Dam and spectacular views as it is surrounded by lush green mountains. The soul-soothing breeze re-energizes travellers. The place is for people to sit back and breathe. Parsi Point provides you with a perfect site for photography. Sunrise and Sunset views are mesmerizing from here. The play area is perfectly suited for kids, which once offered adventure activities but shut down due to accidents.

5. Sydney Point

Sydney Point is situated on the hillock of the plateaus or the table top. The scene from this point is lovely and spellbinding. The glittering waters of the Dhom Dam is an extremely pleasing sight. Pandavgarh (the place where the five Pandavas lived in their exile at the time of Mahabharata) and Mandhardeo are also must visits. It is a 2 km drive from Panchgani Bus Stand.

6. Sherbaug Theme Park and luxury tents

Sherbaug Theme Park is a beautiful place to visit, with maintained its gardens and various varieties of chirping birds and animals to witness. The best part about this park is the entrance, with a royal waterfall and shower, which sets the bar high! There’s also an adventure sports system for you to enjoy. It is located on the main Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar road.

7. On Wheels Amusement Park

This is a place for the die-hard amusement park fans. Famous for the never-ending adventures, this place is full of thrilling rides. The Ghost House is a must visit, for all the horror fans out there. On Wheelz Amusement Park provides you with amazing rides at the most reasonable prices. What’s more is that you can enjoy the mystic surroundings and restaurants in the large parking area.

8. Rajpuri caves

Located in  Panchgani, these caves reside in the small village of Rajpuri near the city. The caves aren’t in much limelight. It was a place used by the Pandavas at the time of their exile for hiding from the kingdom. It has a temple solely dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, who was a pure Bramhachari, hence no females are allowed inside. The rock plates, ponds, and water ponds make the place extremely secluded.

9. Wai

Wai is the lower most city on the foothills of the plateaus. It is just a 10 km drive through the single operating road connecting Panchgani and Wai. It is a few hours trip with not much spots, but is a must visit. On the way, you’ll find beautiful lawns and gardens of strawberries, maize, and many more things. The pleasing air adds life to the trip. There are various temples to visit and architectures to admire. The biggest attraction here is the Dom Dam which is absolutely hypnotizing. You can enjoy boating on the river, as well as horse riding and camel riding. Sitting in the lovely atmosphere around the river with cold breeze brushing through your hair is always fun.

10. Mahabaleshwar

1000 meters above Panchgani, this place is a feast for the soul. Pleasurable weather coupled with the chilly air and the scenic beauty, this place has what it takes to be on your must-visit list  With numerous spots to visit, Mahabaleshwar attracts numerous people. The forests, with a high probability of animal sighting, are tremendously beautiful. At the top are spots like Echo Point, Needle Point and Elephant Point with panoramic views of the lake and dam below and the foggy sky above. The Venna Lake is the most popular lake in Mahabaleshwar, with a thousand of people enjoying boating on the crystal-clear waters. The Mahabaleshwar Market provides you with many exciting gifts and local food.

So here’s a list of places to visit in Panchgani to get you started on those weekend trips. Have fun!


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