Places to visit in Bangalore in early morning

Early morning rides and long drives have a pleasurable and unique experience. To observe the sunrise and the gorgeous sky at dawn- it is one of the best experiences of a life time. The calmness and the silence of the beautiful morning amidst nature or beside a water body is worth a try. Here are a few places to visit in Bangalore in early morning to enjoy the morning views.

1. Turahalli

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Located near the Kanakpura road, Turahalli forest is the last surviving forest in the interior of Bangalore. The forest is also known as Karishma hills. In a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, with increasing towering buildings and pollution, a forest area like Turahalli attracts a lot of youth and people from different corners of the city.

Things to do: Turahalli forest is a lovely trekking destination. Climbing the rocks through the lush green forest of Turahalli is a one of a kind experience within the city. There are also cycling trails which are one of the best in Bangalore. At the top of the hill, you can have a 360-degree view of Bangalore. Bird watching, trekking and relaxing in the serene forest is a beautiful experience in the Turahalli forest.

2. Nandi hills

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Located at a distance of 60kms from the city of Bengaluru is Nandi hills also known as the Nandi betta, is one of the cities favourite weekend getaways. Nandi hills is one of the most popular Tourists spots of Bangalore- a beautiful and serene place for one to spend a few hours. The peak of the hills is about 1,478m long, and has flight of 1200 stairs. It is one of the popular trekking and hiking spots of Bangalore.

Things to see: The curvy road to the top surrounded by beautiful scenery is a paradise for sightseers. The place is best known for its exquisite sunrise and sunset view from the top of the hill. It has attractions like Tipu’s drop, Tipu’s summer palace and fort, temples and other places of historical interest. The place is ideal for cyclists and bikers, for them to experience contentment in a short distance.

3. Hebbal Lake

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Discovered well inside away from the city, Hebbal lake is a very calm and delightful place. Only some part of the lake is visible to everyone and the rest of it is closed due to some managerial issues. This domain has a little open zone ideal for playing and numerous trees home to a lot of birds.

Things to do: the beautiful lake can get you a wonderful collection of dawn photos, and capture the marvelous sunrise, if the atmosphere is right. Spending the morning time in admiring the beauty of nature within the bustling city of Bangalore is indeed a unique and refreshing experience. It is a lovely place for a jog, all the while breathing the fresh and pure air amidst nature.

4. Manchanabele Dam

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Heavenliness of the Dam can be observed from the slope of the hills that offer a fabulous perspective of the water body. Manchanabele is a man-made dam which is a perfect spot for enjoying the tranqulity and unquestionable beauty of nature.

Things to do: The water sports activities and many other adventure activities are conducted here by the adventure groups. This is also a perfect picnic spot for families as well. The charming sky above the water body, surrounded by the relatively small hills, is one of the fascinating views which will definitely leave an impression. So enjoy the lovely sight and relax in the magnificent surrounding.

5. Big Banyan Tree

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Big Banyan Tree is the name given to four exceptionally old Banyan trees encompassed with its near thousand areal roots, covering a monstrous zone of 3 sections of land. The Big Banyan Tree also known as Dodda Alada Mara in the Kannada dialect is also considered a historical place. The sheer greatness of the tree complex summons regard and gives an aesthetic effect to the place.

Things to do: This ground is one of the few of the important places around and is a frequent excursion spot for the Bangaloreans. You will be covering quarter of a km, by strolling one round around the huge banyan tree. It is beautiful picnic spot, but do carry the essentials since the destination is in interiors.

6. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

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Located near Kanakpura, and about 75kms from the city is the Bilkar Rangaswamy Betta. Over the Bilikal Rangaswamy betta is a shrine of Lord Ranganatha Swamy. This temple is situated underneath a colossal, white rock, on which the slope is named. Rangaswamy Betta is inside the points of confinement of Reserve Forest

Things to do:  Aside from the sanctuary, you will also get amazing perspective of Kananapura and close-by slopes and in case you’re fortunate, some mist. You can serenely spend an hour or so at the slope top, soaking in the beautiful sunlight at dawn and being engrossed in nature. The bordering backwoods are natural surroundings to elephants and other wild creatures.

7. Thattekere

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Around 60 kms from Bangalore, Thattekere is a concealed lake, which is towards the South, past Bannerghatta National Park. This less visited and beautiful Lake is surely justified regardless of the fact that it is a little far away. This place hasn’t gained popularity yet, but is starting to gain an identity, especially among the younger crowd.

Things to do: Do carry necessary gear for bird watching and photography. The lake looks stunning in the early morning hours, so certainly reach there in time for dawn. Loads of birds can be seen here on account of its tranquility and peacefulness- Bee Eaters, Kingfishers, storks, Lapwings and Kites.

8. Kanva Dam

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Kanva Dam in Ramanagara is a little waterbody 70kms from Bangalore town. Kanva waterway in the long run joins Shimsa and lastly the Kaveri stream. Kanva dam is a dam made for adding advantage to the water system, however Kanva Reservoir seldom stocks water to its ability. Dam is encompassed by thick backwoods and many feathered creatures.

Things to do: Its huge bed is exceptionally well known among bikers and travelers as they can take their vehicles nearer to water and snap awesome pictures. A few kilometers ahead is the Purushottama Theertha Cave sanctuary, a journey cetre for Madva Brahmins. The popular rocks of Ramanagara, where Sholey was shot is also close-by.

In a bustling cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, which was previously known as the garden city, the above mentioned places are some of the most beautiful to have a pleasant time in the early mornings. Go on an early morning ride, or after a night out spend the morning in a beautiful place and enjoy the tranquility that these places are sure to give you.

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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