Places to Visit in Bangalore for Photography

Photography is not something just anyone can do. It needs dedication and passion and a lot of hard work. Capturing the best moments at the best angle and bringing out the talent of photography in you is best encouraged when you can get the best of what your camera needs. Here are a few places to visit in Bangalore for photography where you can make the best utilisation of your camera.

1. Lal Bagh

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Home to some of the rarest species of flowers and also the flora species which were specially brought from different countries like Persia, Afghanistan and France, Lal-Bagh is one of the most famous spots in Bangalore. The wide 240 acres of garden is also known as the botanical garden of Bangalore. This is also one of the favourite photography spots as a lot of different flowers and different types of plants are found here. This place is especially great for some peaceful outing.

Things to see: As it is said “Nature never goes out of style”, Lal-Bagh is a place that can give you the immense satisfaction. On a beautiful day, when the weather is pleasant, some of the best colourful pictures can be clicked here.

2. Bannerghatta National Park

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One of the most popular tourist spots in Bangalore is the Bannerghatta National Park which is also a biological reserve. It is a wonderful place for photography, especially wildlife photography. Photographers are always curious to capture something new. The animals and other species they get to see in the National park will capture the complete attention of the photographers.

Things to do: the National Park has facilities of Safari into the forest for the
sighting of the animals. The National Park also has a museum and aquarium inside the

3. Thurahalli

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Located near the Kanakpura road, Turahalli forest is the last surviving forest in the interior of Bangalore. The forest is also known as the Karishma hills. In a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, with increasing towering buildings and pollution, a forest area like Turahalli attracts a lot of photographers as natural beauty and the charming forests are the best objects for them.

Things to do: Turahalli forest is a lovely trekking destination. Climbing the rocks through the lush green forest of Turahalli is one of a kind experience within the city. Watch the birds, trek and relax in the serene forest and then capture all the lovely and mind blowing views in your cameras as and when the right moment comes.

4. Nandi Hills

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Located at a distance of 60 km from the city of Bengaluru, Nandi hills is also known as the Nandi betta and is one of the citifavouriteite weekend getaways. Nandi hills is one of the most popular tourist spots of Bangalore- a beautiful and serene place for one to spend a few hours. The peak of the hills is about 1,478m long and has a flight of 1200 stairs. It is one of the popular trekking and hiking spots of Bangalore and hence one of the best places for photographers.

Things to see: The curvy road to the top surrounded by beautiful and picturesque scenery is a paradise to photographers. The place is best known for its exquisite sunrise and sunset view from the top of the hill. It has attractions like Tipu’s drop, Tipu’s summer palace and fort, temples and other places with historical events associated with it. So get ready to fill your camera memory with charming sceneries.

5. MG road

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MG road is the youngster’s hub- there are several streets near the main MG road which overflows with a huge number of restaurants, gaming centers, pubs and clubs. Not just eating and playing but it is also home to a large number of high brand outlets. The famous Commercial Street is also nearby which is a shopper’s paradise. The streets here are lit up with gleaming lights and hence it is an amazing spot for night photography.

Things to do: the roads forking from the main MG road has a lot of places to just hang out, eat, play and have fun and hence a lot of happy faces and cheerfulness to capture. The multiple cuisines as well as some of the best desi cuisine restaurants can also be found easily which also makes it a great place for food photography.

6. Pottery town

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The Pottery Town is a well-established settlement in the Cantonment zone, which speaks volumes about the close relationship between the old and the new in Bangalore. Bangalore’s Pottery Town had a great appreciation in the field of trading and is still a popular haunt for a lot of artists and people who are interested in art.

Things to do: The Pottery town is a perfect place for capturing the eye catching and awe- struck pictures of the amazing artistic works. The small street of the Pottery town and the people who are engrossed in the making of these artistic pieces can be some amazing portraits in your camera memory.

7. Cubbon Park

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There is a point where every group at times gets saturated with the same old malls, restaurants and pubs. Give your mind a rest at such moments and hang out at an open and peaceful place. The Silicon Valley of India which is also known as the Garden City has much more to offer than the malls and clubs. Let the lush greenery of the Cubbon Park mesmerize you with its sereneness.

Things to do: Tread on the green grass getting the fullest pleasure of nature within the city. Capture the dazzling garden and the greenery of the lovely and huge park. The different
plants and trees, out of which some are really old, with the elegant blue sky above is a scenery worth capturing.

8. Rashk-e-Jannatpasted image 0 1

“Rashk-e-Jannat” was built by Tipu Sultan. This marvelous Palace was the summer retreat of the King. “Rashk-e-Jannat” here means “Envy of Heaven”, which perfectly sets well with amazing architecture and the elegant building of the palace. The king had lovingly given this name to the palace. He also called the palace as “Abode of Happiness” as it was inscribed on the window of the Palace.

Things to see: The palace is made with utmost care and hence has a lot of beautiful artistic works which deserve a space in your memory card. The amazing architecture and the marvelous building has a lot to offer to the photographers.

Photography is a unique and beautiful talent. When the camera and the person behind the camera find perfect objects with amazing backgrounds, some of the best images are captured. Be it a beginner or an expert- the perfect place for photography is just as important. So what are you waiting for, get your camera bag and start exploring these amazing places!

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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