Top 10 Trekking Spots in Bangalore

Tired of the busy everyday life? Tired of rushing to work every morning and then coming back home exhausted? well if you are bored of this everyday schedule and need to have an adventurous break, one of the best option would be trekking which will physically and mentally sooth your soul. Bangalore being amidst the Western Ghats is surrounded by towering hills and mountains and has a numerous trekking spots.

1. Ramadevarabetta

“Kitne aadmi they!?” yes, u guessed it right. The worldwide famous blockbuster movie Sholay was shot in the beautiful valleys of Ramnagar hills. Ramnagar is a small district 50 kms from Bangalore. Ramadevarabetta is abode to the world’s oldest granite outcrops. This hill is a real deal for the trekkers.

Things to see: The hills are surrounded by the forests, with eagles and vultures hovering above the hills and making their nests. Not far from the hills is the Ramadevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary, which is an initiative by the government to protect the vultures which are on verge of extinction. The place is surrounded by other hills and Temples which are the religious attractions of the district.

Things to do: The place does not only have trekking but also other adventurous activities and camps. Activities like rock climbing, Zip lining, Wall climbing and much more are entertained here.

2. Makalidurga

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Makalidurga hill is a 2 hrs drive from the City. Trek lovers are totally gonna fall in love with this place. This place is famous for its day trek as well as night treks. The Makalidurga trek is the nearest railway trek to Bangalore. It begins with a 2 km walk on the railway track from the station of Makalidurga.

Things to do: One can ride bikes or trail in the beginning of the trek along the railway line. The difficulty level of the trek is medium. There is a parking space available for vehicles in the foot of the hill. One has to just cross the railway track and turn left to find the start of the hill. There is a small temple and some houses at the base of the trek. After a few meters, one can find an open ground with a view of the mountain. Along the trek, there is a ninety-degree boulder which is climbed by a lot of trekkers.

Things to see: the trek end with beautiful scenery to admire at the top. Walking around the tip of the peak, there are different beautiful sceneries in each direction and there are also ruins a broken fort in end.

3. Skandagiri

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Skandagiri is one of the ideal places for night trek. At an height of 1350 meters lies one of the ancient fortress. The dilapidated fort that once belonged to a local king was later conquered by the famous king Tipu Sultan. The trek is moderately difficult and there are two routes to the base of hill.

Best time to visit: the best time to visit the hills is from May to December when the weather is relatively cool.

Things to do: There are two caves on the way to the top which will you will come across during the trek. The hill is famous for the amazing night trek and camping.

Things to see: the sunrise over here is one of the most breathtaking views for which hundreds of people gather on the weekends. The trek takes it start with the temple Papagni at the base of the hill.

Tips: the hill trek is best started at early morning or on a full moon night.

4. Devarayanadurga

The hills are located at the height of 3940 ft. surrounded by the magnificent greenery. The main attraction of these hills is the two temples, one at the base of the hills and one at the top of the hills. The place is also known for the natural water springs near the hills. Namada Chilume being one of the important natural spring water is considered to be the source of the Jayamangali River.

Things to do:  The Devarayanadurga hills is one of the popular trekking spots and also a popular tourist destination. The trek difficulty is judged to be moderate.

Things to see: The Yoga Narasimha temple at the base of the hill and Bhoga Narasimha Temple at the peak of the hill is the major attractions of the hills. The picturesque view at the end of the trek will catch your breath. There are three natural water springs near the hills.

Tips:  The annual celebration of the Narasimha avathara day takes place here during the month of May which is an amazing cultural event to catch here.

5.   Savandurga

For people who are fond of adventurous trekking this place is bliss. The trek is a rocky trek, there is no forest around. The monolithic rock hill is the largest hill of its kind in Asia. It was also called as “mrutyu kupa” which means people were pulled to death, savandurga also has the same meaning where savina means death and durga means fort. The name and the place has an interesting history.

Best time to visit: The best time to climb up is early morning.

Things to see:  There are two trails for the trek, one called as “Kari gudda” which is a lot steeper and risky and hence anyone hoping to trek here needs permission to climb up. Another trail is “beli gudda” which is not as steep and safe as long as the person is alert and careful, this trail does not require any kind of permission for the public access.

Things to do: After reaching the peak of the hill you will find a small shrine, you will be able to see your parked vehicles as small dots. The total trek is 4kms long hence advised to carry some snacks and refreshments.

6. Shivgange

The area is a popular site for rock climbing and is especially famous for the temple with sacred holy significance. The path to the peak is cut and carved, the presence of man-made steps that are carved into the rocks make the trek comfortable for beginners but it isn’t as easy till the end. The path to the summit is pretty tiring but just as exciting. The crowd is pretty much normal so possibility of getting lost is less. There are a lot of halt points with stalls serving food and drinks.

Tips: You will find a lot of monkeys here and you might end up having to hide your belongings from them. Might sound funny but try not to get into a fight with the monkeys.

Things to do: The trekking path to reach pinnacle from foothill is about 2-2.5 km, towards the end trail becomes steep and narrow and hence difficult to climb, there after safety rails are provided.

Things to see:  the holy shrines are the major attractions of these hills. Patalagange, Olakala theertha, nandi and veerabhadreshwara temple are some of the sacred holy locations. And the most attractive fact about the temple is that the ghee that is put on the shivalinga as abhishek is turned to butter.

7. Madhugiri

Madhugiri is the second largest rock hill in Asia second to Savandurga. The hill trekking has gained popularity recently and has become a well-received tourist destination.  Madhugiri here stands for the “honey“ and “hill”, which was due to the colossal amount of honey bees found during the old times. It is one the best trekking destinations in Bangalore.

Best time to visit: October to March is the best time to visit the fort.

Things to see: The Madhugiri fort, which is a pretty ancient fort, was built during the rule of Raja Heera Gowda which is about 400-500 years old, is worth the admiration of the visitors. The Gopala Krishna temple at the top of the hill is another major fascination of the hill.

Things to do: the trekking to the top of the hill is yet again the adventurous attraction of the hill. The trekking to the top is moderately tough and on an average takes about 1.5 hrs to the top. There are three gateways to enter the fort, Antaralada Bagalu, Diddi Bagalu and Mysore gate namely.

8. Anthargange

The charismatic beauty of the Antharganga is one of its kind amidst the enticing lush of nature and the adventurous trekking to the top of the hill. Antharanga is named after the natural spring that flows from the top of the hill and flows through the statue of bull which is located in the middle of the hill.

Best time to visit: the early mornings are best to start the trek, but trekking here is also done overnight for camping.

Things to see: the experience of the beautiful location of the hill amidst the lavish greenery and valleys around, the hill has beautiful picturesque views and sceneries through the trek and at the peak. There are several caves to be explored at the top of the hill and there is a small pond which has been formed, due to the spring water.

Things to do: the trekking to the top of the hill with beautiful sceneries at every spot is the most magnificent attraction here; the hill also has the option of camping at the night. Their caves at the top of the hills are awaiting your exploration.

9. Nandi hills

Located at a distance of 60kms from the city of Bengaluru is Nandi hills also known as the Nandi betta, is one of the cities favourite weekend getaway. The name of the hill itself has a vast history and so has the place. Starting from the period of Cholas to Tipu sultan there have been several stories about the hills. Nandi hills added itself to the popular Tourists spot of Bangalore, a beautiful and serene place for one to spend a few hours. The peak of the hills is about 1,478m long and has a flight of 1200 stairs. It is one of the popular trekking and hiking spots of Bangalore.

Best time to visit: the best time to visit the hill is early morning to witness the beautiful sunrise at the peak of the hill.

Things to see: The curvy road to the top surrounded by beautiful scenery is a paradise to the sightseers. The place is best known for its exquisite sunrise and sunset view from the top of the hill. It has attractions like Tipu’s drop, Tipu’s summer palace and fort, Temples and other places with historical events associated with it.

Things to do: The place is ideal for the cyclists and Bikers, for them to experience contentment in a short distance. There are facilities to camp at the night as well.

10. Kunti Betta

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Kunti is a name which most of the people will be aware of, the ones who have read the Hindu mythological story of Mahabharata. The Kunti Betta is located in Pandavapura which is named after the Pandavas who had visited the hill during their exile period and the name of the hill is after the mother of Pandavas – “Kunti”. The hill is located amidst the sugar cane field, paddies and the coconut trees. The majestic surroundings add to the coruscating beauty of the hills.

Best time to visit: the best time to visit the hills is October to March. The trek offers a great adventurous experience when done overnight.

Things to see: The base of the hill starts with a temple with a pond beside it, hence is a popular destination for pilgrimages. The enticing sceneries and the surroundings of the hills are totally worth a visit.

Things to do: the Kunti Betta is famous for the trekking, especially overnight trekking and camping. The place is ideal for adventurous activities like Rappelling and rock climbing.

For all the trekkers and hikers and every person out there who loves adventures, these are some of the best weekend destinations for trekking. The soul seeks peace in physical tiredness and amidst nature and the best combination of this is found in activities like these. So pack your handy bag and get ready to have some of the best short treks.

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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