Places to Visit in Bangalore with Kids

When the summer vacations are on and the kids are eager to have fun, it’s also time for the parents to take some break and have fun with their kids. It’s not easy to plan a long distance trip with the kids so one would naturally want to have some nearby options handy so that the kids can have a lovely time of their own. These places in Bangalore are not only for kids but is also enjoyed by the elders.

1. Bannerghatta National Park

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One of the most popular tourist spots in Bangalore is The Bannerghatta National Park which is also a biological reserve. It is a wonderful place for the all the kids as kids are always curious to find something new, and the animals and species they get to see in the National park will get them on their toe. Don’t miss the glow in the eyes of the kids when they look at the things they’ve never seen before.

Things to do: the National Park has facilities of Safari into the forest for the sighting of the animals. The National Park has a museum and Aquarium inside the premises. One can spend a nice time in a walk around the place and relax in the park side where there are swings, merry-go rounds and other stuff for children to play. There is also a butterfly Park near the park which is a beautiful destination and a place which kids will definitely enjoy.

2. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a beautiful Science Park with a wonderful exhibition of experiments for the Children. This planetarium is one the best place to feed the curiosity of the children in the area of planets, stars and the space bodies. Exploration of the Universe is done in this small area is a beautiful way to make kids aware of the heavenly bodies in the space.

Things to see: the Planetarium arranges several events for the kids from time to time. The kids get a chance to explore the universe and ask questions and also find the answers to it. A show on exploring the universe is conducted on daily basis at a specific time in both English and Kannada. The Sky theatre is also one of the major attractions of the place.

3. Snow City

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The snow-themed amusement park which was a recent venture has gained popularity in the Bangalore crowd and attracts a lot of people especially on weekends. The place maintains a temperature of about -5 to -10 degrees and provides with all the things that will be needed to withstand the temperature and to protect you.

Things to do: the amusement park offers exceptional experiences which cannot be experienced normally in Bangalore but are almost same as the original. Activities like Mountain climbing, sliding, Zorbing, snowballing and many more activities which involve snow and can be done only in places with snowfall, in reality, are all done in this small Snow City.

4. Vishweshwaraiah Museum

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Named after the Bharat Ratna, Sir M Vishweshwariah, this museum is splendid exploration house. Each story of this building has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is a wonderful place for the kids to learn something new. The examples and the working models displayed here not only make the kids curious but also the elders will urge to try the experiments.

Things to see: the Museum has a large number of displays of different experiments and also models to understand the different concepts behind the Science of everyday life and this will keep the kids as involved as the parents. The experiments and models that are displayed are not just about one field but include everything that constitutes Science. The average time that is needed to explore the museum is at least about 2hrs.

5. Lumbini Garden

Located in Hebbal, around the Nagavara Lake is a beautiful place to spend a few hours along with the children. The lake has a lot of activities that attract the children – boating, Water park and land rides. The Lumbini garden is equally enjoyed by the adults and is a refreshing place for a weekend break.

Things to do: the Water rides and the Land rides are pretty safe; the life guards are also available to ensure the safety. There are different types of boats like the two-seaters and the boats with a seating capacity of about fifteen people, are available for a ride around the lake, which is another attraction of the wonderful park.

6. Innovative Film City

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A perfect outing place for family outings is Innovative Film City which is a huge campus of wide varieties of attractions. The kids and the adults totally fall in love with the place as it is ideally designed for recreation. The different museums and parks that are inside the Film city along with the land rides and gaming activities make it a worthwhile visit.

Things to see: The Dinosaur park, Water park which allows you to get down in the water and play in the waves, the Believe it or not museum, the miniature structures, haunted house and several other attractions of the place make is one of the most charismatic attractions of the city and children totally love this place.

7. Government Museum

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The government museum of Bangalore is the second oldest museum of South India and one of the oldest museums of India. It has a collection of wide variety of artefacts and things from the past like paintings, jewellery and coins and a lot more. Children usually love to know about the past and this one of the best places for those who are inquisitive about the historical facts and item.

Things to do: The museum showcases a lot of art from the past and also is store house to the vessels, weapons, jewelry, coins and a lot of handy-craft from the past. The place is heaven to all the history lovers and kids enjoy this place with help of a little guidance.

8. Wonder La

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The Asia’s one of the largest amusement park Wonder la is a huge amusement park. The amusement park has a huge number of rides on both water and land. Their amusement park has a great number of rides for the children as well. This is a perfect place for the adults as well as the kids.

Things to do: Wonder La hosts the largest indoor musical fountain and the laser show of the country. The wide range of water rides are provided with heated water and life guards are available to ensure the safety of the children. So pack you swimming suits and plan the next weekend outing to Wonder La.

9. Bal Bhavan

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The 12 acres space inside the Cubbon park has been regarded as the Bal Bhavan which is a lovely place for the children to spend a few hours. The delightful atmosphere of the Bal bhavan is a refreshing and relaxing to anyone. The open space and the greenery along with the small amusements make a great combination.

Things to do: the toy trains, mini park, doll museum and craft shop is the major attraction of this small park. Looking at your children lit up in the exciting mode, all charged up to enjoy everything that is available here will just make you as happy. You might have already started to picture it, so what are you waiting for? just grab the chance and visit the park as soon as possible.

Bangalore being a garden city has a lot of parks in and around every area of the city. But these destinations are the ones your children would have been waiting to visit. The excitement of the children on just suggesting an outing any of these places will light them up and also will get you all worked up and relax you with a satisfaction of its own.

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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