Places to Visit in Bangalore with Friends

There are times when you want to have some adventure and explore places around your city but with your friends. Having fun with friends is a totally different experience from the experience gained along with the family. There are numerous malls and movie theatres but after a while even that gets boring. So it’s time for you to pull up your sleeves and get ready for some exciting and adventurous destination. Bangalore has some places that are perfect for roaming around with friends and so get ready to have some quality fun with friends.

1. Wonder La

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The Asia’s one of the largest amusement park Wonder la is a huge and exciting amusement park. The amusement park has a huge number of rides on both water and land. This is a perfect place for an outing with friends. The adrenaline rush experienced in the somersaulting rides and the high slides into the water, the haunted house and many more exciting rides will not let you sit and rest even for a moment.

Things to do: Wonder La hosts the largest indoor musical fountain and the laser show of the country. Wonder La also has a laser rain dance area. The wide range of water rides are provided with heated water and life guards are available to ensure the safety. So pack you swimming suits and plan the next weekend outing to Wonder La.

2. MG Road

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MG Road is the youngster’s hub: there are several streets near the main MG road which overflows with a huge number of restaurants, gaming centres, pubs and clubs. Not just eating and playing but is also home to a large number of high brand outlets. The famous Commercial Street which is probably the best place to hunt out, when your hands are itchy to spend some money in self-merriment. The streets here are perfect for an outing with friends, you probably won’t even be aware of the end of the day once you enter these streets.

Things to do: the roads forking from the main MG road has a lot of places to visit to just hang out, eat, play and have fun. The best five-star hotels are to be found in this area. The multiple cuisines, as well as some of the best desi cuisine restaurants, can also be found easily.

3. Cubbon Park

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There is a point where every group at times gets saturated with the same old malls, restaurants and pubs. Give your mind a rest at such moment and hang out at an open and peaceful place. The Silicon Valley of India which is also known as the Garden City has much more to offer than the malls and clubs. Let the lush Greenery of the Cubbon Park mesmerize you with its sereneness.

Things to do: Tread on the green grass getting the fullest pleasure of nature within the city. You can bring some food and have a small picnic outing, play cards or indoor games of your choice and enjoy the beautiful environment.

4. Amoeba

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You could say that this is where the gaming in Bangalore was embarked. This is home to one of the oldest Bowling alley of Bangalore and also has a lot of other gaming activities. Amoeba is the reason responsible for getting the Bangaloreans nusto over Bowling and Gaming.

Things to do: Ameoba is a perfect venue for all the kids and the youth out there for some fun time. Amoeba has a Bowling alley, party area, a lot of video games and a lot of other fun activities. So what are you waiting for? Birthday treat, success Celebration or no reason, just get your friends together and spend some quality time with each other in the amazing play area of Church Street.

5. Lal Bagh

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Home to some of the rarest species of flowers and also the flora species which were specially brought from different countries like Persia, Afghanistan and France, Lal-Bagh is the one of the most famous spots in Bangalore. The wide 240 acres garden also known as the botanical garden of Bangalore. This is also one of the favourite Photography spots as a lot of different flowers and different types of plants are found here. This place is especially great for some peaceful outing.

Things to see: As it is said “Nature never goes out of style”, Lal-Bagh is a place that can give you the immense satisfaction of “amids nature” feeling. On a beautiful day, when the weather is pleasant, one of the best plans you could probably come up with is a picnic and chat or play for a long time in the beautiful garden of Lal-Bagh.

6. Laser Tag

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Gaming is fun especially with the toy guns which give you the real feel, and this is irrespective of age and gender. The amazing game of Laser tag is played in a lot of places in Bangalore. Some of the famous outlets of Laser Tag arena are of Laser Castle and iAMGAME. Even if you run out of places to visit and see, Laser tag would be a fun game to take a break and have some fun with the Laser guns. Divide yourselves in two teams and let the war begin.

7. Ranga Shankara

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Ranga Shankara is a perfect place for a change in the monotonous life that we deal with every day. Ranga Shankara, situated in JP Nagar is one of the most beautiful theatres of Bangalore.

The ambience of the theatre is worth a visit at least once. The beautiful artworks that are displayed and a small book shop near the entrance for all the bookworms out there is the first thing that attracts you..

Things to do: the Theatre organizes a number of plays from different corners of India. Not just the local plays, but also International plays. The live plays have a totally different impact from the movies and dramas we watch on TV or Movie Theatres. So, next time, for a change, instead of going to the movies get the taste of the live plays.

8. UB City

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UB City has become a symbol of the High Society Shopping Arena. But the place is not confined to just the high Society. UB City is the representation of glamour and the world class Brands in Bangalore. It has a collection of most of the high class which is not to be found that easily in.

Things to do: Not just the brand shops, but UB city has this beautiful open space with different cuisine restaurants and also the Subway. Skyye Lounge is one of the most attractive places here. The funky lighting, amazing music and the outdoor seating of the Lounge.  And the best of everything is the amazing view of Bangalore.

9. Bangalore Turf Club

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Turf Club visit is something that you can try for a change when looking for something new. Horse Racing and betting on the horses is regarded as a thing of the high society and the posh people. By visiting the club you can have a glimpse of what it must be like to watch the horses racing and feel the luxury of high status.

Things to do: If you believe your luck or wanna test your luck then place a bet or more. Watch the horse race and feel like the high society as shown in the movies and series. But make sure to study about it a little before.

10. Parasailing

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To feel like a bird and fly in the sky is an adventure a lot of people seek. Well, the good news is that the Jakkur Aerodrome Parasailing in Bangalore can help your dream come true. To be swept off your feet and hover in the sky like a kite, is manifestly a wonderful feeling. This is a popular Adventure today’s youth as well as something that the mid age would enjoy. You are attached to a parachute and which in turn is tied to the jeep. When the jeep picks up the speed, you can feel the “Aaj mein upper asma niche” kind of feeling. So get ready for one of the best feelings which will make you feel alive and plan this along with your friends.

Bangalore, also known as the “Silicon Valley of India” is a complete cosmopolitan city. The city has a wide variety of places, from parks, forts to night clubs and beer hubs. Bangalore, once known as the garden city has amazing quiet places to enjoy the serene and also has a wonderful night life. So for enjoying and hanging out with friends, do not think much and select a place and go ahead with the plan, you will not regret it.

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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