Top 10 Historical Places to Visit in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the Biggest Cosmopolitan cities of India. The Metro City, Capital of Karnataka is a place with rich heritage and culture along with the new developments which also includes the malls, adventure parks and also the exciting night life of Bangalore. Bangalore is a home to a wide range of people from different states and countries, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has upheld the affluent culture and history of the city. “The Silicon Valley of India” Bangalore was made into the capital under the British Rule in 1809. And the rich history of the city is surely intriguing with cram-full of beautiful and archaeological Structures from the old era.

1. Nageshwara Temple

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The Nageshwara Temple, locally known as the Nageshwarnath Temple is one of the oldest Structure of Bangalore. It dates back to 860 A.D. and is located in the Begur district of the rural district of the city. The temple is the bequest of the “Western Ganga Dynasty” which ruled the city.The temple is also called as the “Panchalingeshwara Temple” as there are five lingas in the temple.

Things to see: You would totally fall in love with the elegant and beautiful structure of the temple which has an open hall (maha mandapa) and a vestibule (antarala) which connects to the inner holy spot which holds the lingas. The temple also showcases the sculptures which show the great warriors and the holy deities which are a total treat for all the history and archaeology lovers. The simple and beautiful temple which is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore is totally worth a visit and to spend some time.

2. Mukthi Natheshwara Temple

Belonging to the relics of the 10th-century monuments of Bangalore, Mukthi Natheshwara temple is yet another ancient shrine of Bangalore. The temple is located at about a distance of 30kms from the city near Binnamangala. The temple was made by the king Kulothunga Cholan who was probably a worshipper of Lord Shiva as the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Things to see: The temple holds a lot of inscriptions on the wall which gives us the particulars about the temple and also tells us about its significance. The temple holds three sculptures within the temple structure. One of the sculpture is considered to be the administrator of King Kulothunga Cholan. This beautiful temple dates back to 1110 AD, it is one of the splendid historical Structure of Bangalore.

3. Bangalore Fort

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With a series of story defining the history of the Fort, Bangalore fort is one the magnificent historical Structure of Bangalore. The fort was made in the year 1537, back then the fort was made of mud but in the later years, 1761 to be specific the mud fort was turned into a Stone fort by the famous King Haider Ali. The foremost owner of the fort was Kempe Gowda I, a vassal of Vijayanagar Empire and he also was the founder of today’s IT capital. The Fort was later taken over by the British in the siege of Bangalore, it was under the hold of Tipu Sultan at that moment. The fort also comprised the summer palace the King Tipu Sultan.

Things to see:  As a result of the loss of Fort to the Britishers, the only remains of the forts are the Delhi gate and remnants of the two bastions since the British started to pull apart the fort. But even after going through so much the fort has succeeded to preserve its beauty and elegance and still stand straight. The place is worth a visit at least once.

4. Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace was set up in Tudor Style architecture assembled and defended with structures like towers, battlements, arches and turrets. The magnificent mansion is not all that unknown to the people who follow Bollywood movies since a small section of a song in the movie “Rowdy Rathore” was shot here, the movie was really good, wasn’t it? The stunning monument is not just a mere palace and a historical Structure, some of the most famous international bands like guns and roses, backstreet boys and singers like Enrique Iglesias have held their concerts in this palace. The open courtyard of this palace has been the favourite spot for organizing events like exhibitions and holding cultural programs. The palace was built in 1887 by king Chamaraj Wodeyar who was impressed by the palace in London and built the Bangalore palace following the visionary pattern of the Windsor Castle in London. The palace is a total royal feast to the eyes and is a must visit place in Bangalore.

5. Tipu Sultan Palace

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“Rash-e-Jannat” is indeed another name of the palace as was called by the king Tipu Sultan. This marvellous Palace was the summer retreat of the King. “Rash-e-Jannat” here means “envy of Heaven”, which perfectly sets well with amazing architecture and the elegant building of the palace. The king had lovingly given this name to the palace. He also called the palace as “Abode of Happiness” as it was inscribed on the window of the Palace.

Things to see: The palace is made with such consideration for every point with elegance; even the path that leads to the palace holds a beautiful garden of flowers and the fountains. This Palace is one the must visit top Places of Bangalore. So make sure that you do not miss this out on your list of places to visit in Bangalore.

6. Vidhan Soudha

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The largest Secretariat of India, Vidhan Soudha of Bangalore is one of the most astoundingly beautiful and eye catching structures in Bangalore. The stunning and elegant legislative house incorporates a lot of different styles of different countries. The responsible person, Hanumathiah visited a lot of countries – Russia, Europe, United States and a lot more to design the magnificent house.

Things to see: This marvellous Structure is an impressive example of the Neo- Dravidian style of buildings, it is made of Granite with beautiful patterns on the stone. This spot in Bangalore is one of the most beautiful spots of Bangalore. It is also located near one of the botanical garden known as the Cubbon Park. The visit to Vidhan Soudha can be planned in such a way that one can also have a small picnic in the Cubbon Park which is very near to the Vidhan Soudha.

7. Devanahalli Fort

The Fort was built in the year 1501 by Mallabairegowda. This place has gained a lot of popularity as the birth place of one the brave and famous king – Tipu Sultan. The palace was consecutively passed to Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan after Nagarajaiah had vanquished the fort. The place has a rich history as it has been attacked, conquered and been re-attained by a number of Kings.

Things to see:  The fort also has a number of Temples on the inside and holds the memorial made to mark the birth place of Tipu Sultan.

8. Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

The hall was founded in the year 1915 in Bangalore as an honour to Sir K Seshadri Iyer who was a dedicated deewan(minister) of the State of Mysore. The architecture of the building is totally worth the admiration of every person.

Things to see: The unique Structure and the architecture of this building are worth a visit at least once. The Seshadri Memorial Hall is basically a luxurious Library with about 2.6 lakh books and it offers some of the best literary classics which are nowhere to be found other than this library. Make sure to visit this library when you visit Bangalore.

9.   Attara Kacheri

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Attara Kacheri here means the eighteen offices. The other name of the High Court in Bangalore is Attara Kacheri. The court dates back to 1884. The red painted two storied building made up of stone and bricks is the classic structure of Attara Kacheri which was the retinue of Graeco- Roman Architecture.

Things to see: The building could have been demolished and reinstated due to the low maintenance but as it is said old is gold, the Public Interest litigation was filed in order to save the beautiful red monumental building which was also the office to the officials.

10. Lal Bagh

Home to some of the rarest species of flowers and also the flora species which were specially brought from different countries like Persia, Afghanistan and France, Lal-Bagh is one of the most famous spots in Bangalore. The wide 240 acres garden also known as the botanical garden of Bangalore. The initiation of the garden was done by Hyder Ali in the year 1760 but the garden was completed by his son Tipu Sultan. The design of This beautiful garden is based on breathtaking structures of Mughal Gardens.

Things to see: As it is said “Nature never goes out of style”, Lal Bagh is a place that can give you the immense satisfaction of “amidst nature” feeling. On a beautiful day, when the weather is pleasant, one of the best plan you could probably come up with is a picnic in the beautiful garden of Lal-Bagh.

“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul”. History of a place is just like an identity of that place, everything that belongs to the history is beautiful and deserves glorification and these historical places in Bangalore are what defines the originality of the city. It is what preserves the beauty of the old. So make sure to visit these magnificent historical monuments when you visit the beautiful city of Bangalore.

Contributor: Akshita Srivastava

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