Top 10 Beaches in South Goa

With an ideal blend of earth and water, Goa is the destination where you get to see some amazing sunsets and panoramic views. It takes very less time to fall in love with the state because of its bohemian atmosphere. Moreover, people visit here to chill and have a break from their daily busy lives. Goa is their favorite place because of the yummy seafood that is served here and the day and night parties that go on at the beaches. Once you have explored the northern part of the state, now it is time for you to go for the South Goa. Here are the best-picked beaches from South Goa.

Top 10 Beaches in South Goa


1. Colva Beach

Visiting the state with your significant other? Bring him/her to this romantic getaway and have the time of your life. This beach is oldest of all and is also the center of all the night parties which are organized right on the beach. If you have a love of shopping then every Monday the Colva Night market welcomes its visitors offering them a huge variety of all sorts of goods.

The Menino Jesus statue is a famous landmark sculpture here. Your trip to South Goa would be incomplete if you do not visit this statue.

Moreover, if you are an adventure lover, try some adventure sports such as skiing, paragliding, and parasailing. This is also an ideal place for swimming as tides are not very high. Colva beach has something for everyone.

2. Bogmalo Beach

This beach is ideal for dolphin sighting. Bogmalo is a small fishing village which is dominated by a 5-star hotel. It is a famous amongst the higher classes. Also, it is a curving sandy beach which elevates its beauty. It’s one part has coconut groves and you can also see the shipwrecks in the locale. There is a diving school where you may go and learn some diving. After the class, you may try some exquisite food at the beach restaurants. Joel’s is a well-known pub where people flock to. The Bogmalo Beach Resort is considered to be one of the best resorts to check into.

If you want to get high on adrenaline then try windsurfing here. This sport attracts thousands of people every day. The sport requires you have to combine open sailing and surfing skills. You can also go snorkeling here.

3. Palolem Beach

The reason why this beach is here in the list is that the protagonist of the film “Bourne Supremacy”, Matt Damon’s home was here. This has made it one of the most popular beaches in India. If you are indulging yourself in swimming stay within the northern part of the beach- since this part of the beach is shallow and the depth increases gradually.

The picturesque hills and the natural beauty are not the only features that make this beach attractive and worthy of visiting- its crescent shape and rocky terrain, which is covered by trees at one end (a part that is also known as Green Island), is another reason. There are no huge hotels and buildings next to the beach, only small cozy bungalows located close to the sea shore, surrounded by palm trees. You can also go to watch dolphins near the shore front. Along with this, you may try different boat tours, diving, and other beach activities. In general, this is an ideal place for a relaxing vacation.

Pro Tip: Try out the Silent Noise Party at ‘On the Rocks’. The experience will surely be one of a kind.

4. Varca Beach

Though it’s not much popular amongst the tourist, Varca Beach should not be missed, because the long sandy beach has some spectacular views. This place is ideal for photography as it is not much crowded. You may just catch wild dolphins playing here near the seashore, as the beach is silent and calm. Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin is its major attraction. There are boat trips organized which take the visitors into the sea to watch these mammals. Very fewer places are left in Goa which has this kind of peaceful ambiance. This is a perfect place for sunbathing and ideal for people who are looking for some peace and quiet.

There are plenty of great food and cheap joints nearby where you may go and have some delicious food.

5. Agonda Beach

A long sandy shore and a secluded beach gifted with natural beauty- what more can anyone want? It is a beautiful beach to relax, swim and enjoy the calming sound of sea waters and palm leaves. The tranquillity and the beauty of the beach will compel you to write some marvelous pieces of poetry. The beach is also the nesting region of the endangered Ridley turtle. Also, you may indulge in hiking and windsurfing.

6. Majorda Beach

Filled with palm groves, the soft white sands supplement the greenery and beauty of this beach. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was kidnapped when he was a child and brought to this beach. Majorda is also known for its toddy tapping business and is one of the most popular beaches in South Goa in this aspect. Also, it is one of India’s biggest beaches. There are exotic villages and lagoons which make it a highly suitable place for photography.

Jet skiing and the finger-licking seafood are the things which you must try here. The popular eating and staying options include Sam Goan Beach Shack, Raj’s Pentagon Restaurant, Garden Pub and Majorda Beach Resort.

7. Betalbatim Beach

Come here to enjoy a nourishing holiday in the company of sun and sand as well as to perceive the way the golden sands blend with the swaying coconut palms. Betalbatim is very popular and admired by tourists from all over the world. The Arabian Sea and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets will bring you peace and tranquility. The beach offers different sea-boat trips during which tourists can watch birds and dolphins in their natural habitat. This is the specialty of this beach. The sunset views are the best from here. This place is also renowned for the church of St Thomas.

8. Benaulim Beach

According to Hindu mythology, an arrow shot by Lord Vishnu landed here. Hence the original name of this beach was Banavli (arrow). But the Portuguese who settled here changed it to its present name. The best thing about Benaulim is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. Apart from the beach itself, there are tourist places nearby. Atop a hill close by is St John the Baptist church. The fishermen here are known to be gifted craftsmen as well. The artisans of this beach have carved several masterpieces that adorn churches and nearby homes. The best traditional rosewood furniture is made here. Water sports and activities like parasailing, boat riding, jet skiing and bike rides are the major attractions of this beach.

9. Mobor Beach

It is a very lively and crowded place filled with tourists. The area is also a National Park, protecting the captivating beauty of nature. While strolling through the beach, you will get to see blooming lilies, sand dunes, and coconut palms which grow on the beach. Tourists can find all sorts of accommodation units and entertainments here: hotels and villas, bungalows and guest houses, water sports activities and surfing, parasailing and high-board diving. It is one of the most popular beaches of the district.

10. Polem Beach

Polem is the last beach along the South Goan coastline. This is the perfect end to the beach sighting in South Goa. With golden sand challenging the gigantic blue waters and small islands throwing solitary vibes, this place is ideal for a romantic vacation. Visitors can have perfect home stays made of cane and palm leaves. The sand here has a light-golden color and the area is quite wide too. The view onto the ocean is breathtakingly stunning. Imagine this: Blue gigantic tides of the ocean and lots of small islands which interrupt its blue surface and the peaceful circling above of sea birds; need any more reason to visit?

South Goa is one of the most amazing places for vacation. The white sandy beaches are scenic and provide a serene ambiance. This area is away from the party and cultural environment of North Goa and is ideal for people looking for some tranquillity and relaxation. Almost all beaches in South Goa are represented by a long and thick 27 km strip of soft sand with several small bays in the very south of the region.Have fun watching them and tell us your experiences in the comments section below.

Contributor: Akanksha Bhadauria

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