Top 15 Picnic Spots Near Delhi

Do you remember when was the last time you sat with your kids and had fun with them? Most of you wouldn’t remember because it’s been long enough to recall. We understand that your busy 9-to-5 doesn’t allow you to spend some time with them but they definitely deserve your time. So why not make up for the loss? Don’t worry we have a list to help you to make some special moments with your family or even friends.

1. Garden Of Five Senses

Well, they say what’s there in a name, but there was much when one hears of this name. Thankfully, just as eye catching is the name, the place is not a disappointment. Spread across 20 acres, you’d fall down to your knees, exhausted. But you’re Wordsworth from within, if “to you, the meanest flower that blows can give thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears”. You definitely shouldn’t miss this place, a large variety of flowers, rocks and statues will be worth it. Apart from feasting your eyes with these many hues all at one place, the food here would have you licking your finger. Not only this, but you can indulge in various sports say zorbing, bungee jumping, and rock climbing.

2. Damdama Lake

Who knew a gem lies hidden amidst the metropolitan? This place is one of the most recommended on the list. Apart from laying aside to the serene lake, the adventure seekers can set their horse hobbies on a roll here. Rock climbing, parasailing, hot air ballooning, trekking, and camping are here to give you a good time. Also, don’t forget to go boating once you’re here.

3. The Kingdom Of Dreams

The place is worth being at the top of your lists. The exterior, as well as interior, would definitely leave you jaw dropped. As with the passing of time, when the Indian Culture and tradition is losing its essence, this place is keeping a firm grip on the strengths of India. Along with that, you’ll witness its best part, Zangoora, its wonderful theatrical show. To sum up, it’s a combination of India’s art, heritage, and culture. You must add this to your list this very moment and trust us you’ll have no regrets.

4. India Gate

Even if the scorching heat of Delhi or your late night work keeps you from spending time with your loved ones, we are here with a solution for you. Mostly you’d find a number of places shut down in the evening which might turn out to be a rock on your way. But India gate calls you out regardless of the time. Be it 12 at noon or midnight, the place is open for you. And the best part is that you won’t find it secluded, rather crowded even in the dead of the night. You can simply sit and witness the magnificent monument sitting on a mat or you can bring your own badminton kit or whatever that pleases you. And if midnight craving follows you to this place like a shadow, feed it since a number of moving vendors would serve you with papad, chips, bhelpuri to name a few. And yes don’t forget to have chuski here, it is the magnet that pulls taste buds around it.

5. Dilli Haat

You can call this place a mirror to the Indian culture and heritage, it is known for its artifacts and ethnic accessories. The ethnic pieces never failed to catch words of praise. Even if you don’t wish to buy anything, which actually seems impossible, you can simply walk through the place with your family exploring the most alluring culture and tradition of your country.

6. Camp Tikkling

Probably the best option for an adventure day out. Lying on the outskirts of Delhi, it is one such hub for fun and adventure activities, food and camping, Camel cart ride, tractor wheels, zorbing, commando ride, dancing and what not to make that day a good one. And if you’re a nature lover, just to let you know this place lies amidst the Aravalli Hills and you can go for trekking too.

7. Japanese park

The sad truth is you won’t find much of Mother Nature in Delhi, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find anything at all. You won’t have lush green valleys and mountains here, but of course, you have lush green gardens over here. One such is Swarna Jayanti Park popularly known as Japanese Garden. Not just offering beautiful gardens, but it also has few lakes to provide serenity to one’s spirit. If you’re making your mind to drop by, you can anytime if you want, but if you sincerely ask us, we’d suggest, the garden welcomes you the most in the spring season when it has a flower festival every year.

8. Botanix Adventure Camp

Any place to hang out near hills and mountains always seems a better idea among all. One such idea is Botanix Adventure Camp and nature resort. At the foothills of Aravalli, it offers you a pretty great time amidst nature. Not only you can enjoy the company of nature, but you can also indulge in camping, zorbing, camel ride, water balloon ad spider web. One of the best spots for your kids to have fun and contribute in making their children the best time of their lives.

9. Fun and Food village

Just as the name suggests, your one stop for having a good time here while enjoying the thrilling activities. The most loved adventure park of Delhi, this place is known to make the dejected faces giggling with laughter. The joy of 3, Water Park, Adventure Park and Amusement Park awaits your presence. Fares begin from Rs. 1000 for adults and 600 for kids.

10. Lodhi Gardens

A perfect blend of lush green gardens and history that this place offers, isn’t it the best of both worlds? Apart from offering lush green gardens and blooming flowers for a walk amidst nature, it has something more to keep those highs pulled to the very place. The place happens to have tombs and remains of well-known personalities of Mughal era which also attracts many spooky stories. But don’t be afraid, the place is not at all secluded. You’d always find the gardens crowded and obviously, these ghosts won’t chase only you away from here. The place also has many other themed gardens within it, rose gardens, bamboo gardens and herbal gardens. We believe rose gardens would be your pick, just as of million others.

11. zoo

And if night safari is your thing, the zoo is your kid’s. It is a well-known fact that animals have always seemed fascinating to kids be it in their nursery rhymes or their nursery books. Delhi’s only zoological park lies proximate to Delhi’s Purana Quila, that’s a double treat for you and your family. The zoo has more than 1300 animals. The zoo is home to even rare species of animals including Bengal tiger. If you fall to your knees, exhausted or to avoid stressing your legs walking, battery operated vehicles are at your rescue.

12. Chokhi Dhani- Sonipat

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There’s a reason for which tourists across the world are fascinated by the rich Rajasthani culture and tradition, if you can’t spare much time to discover the exotic Rajasthani culture, you’d find here it all at one place. Apart from the mouth-watering food served to you in the pure Rajasthani way, to their cultural folk dances, you have it all to take you back to that magical place even when you’re not physically there. Camel ride, Tonga ride and Bullock ride is another fun thing you can indulge in. Tell us if do not end up falling in love with Indian culture and tradition.

13. Astroport

A wildlife lover or science boy, whatever are your hobby horses, but this is one place you shall never visit. They say gone are the days when you could witness a sky full of stars, thanks to the smoke and pollution we have bestowed to our mother nature. But what if we tell you there’s a place for you to gaze at the sky full of infinite stars? Yes! There is an Astroport at Sariska, where you can witness the breathtaking view. Well, in the words of Coldplay, ‘Cause you get lighter the more it gets darker’, that is one of the reasons you won’t find such a view anywhere owing to the darkness of the place. Also, you can cherish the wildlife lover in you while spending time in this tiger reserve. Double treat huh? So you can simply tune into the rhythm of Coldplay’s sky full of stars while actually lying under it. Thank us later.

14. Tree-house cottages

Let’s go a little back in time and recall how wonderful tree houses looked in cartoons. Well, that was the first place where I got to know about such a fascinating thing, and since then I always dream of living in one! It may not be a dream to you but you can’t deny you wished to live here. Well, the bad news is that we can’t go back in time to our childhood, but the good news is that we can definitely live in a tree house. Tree-house resorts near Gurugram offers such an experience. Not only would it make you reminisce those childhood days but if you’re the one with kids, smile seeing them smile. Other than there are other entertainments for you, from biking to board games, time would fly living amidst nature.

15. Murthal

If one night your taste buds torture you and you’re out of good food and so you decide to grab your car keys and go on a mission to satisfy your taste buds but then suddenly you realize that at 3 in the morning, not even a single soul would entertain your craving and with a dejected face, you decide to back out. But no hold on! Murthal is to your rescue! Whatever time you choose to go, they’d be ready to serve you with some mouthwatering Paranthas,  And if by chance you ever saw Paranthas with disdain, however, we think such a person would ever exist. Sneak in here, and you’d change your mind and that’s our guarantee.  Situated on the outskirts of Delhi, this place would indeed give you the pastoral dhaba feel! So what are you waiting for? This place is your one stop for the midnight craving and one stop for a family outing.

Time will fly much sooner than you’d realize. So take some time out and don’t miss spending time with your family and visit these places for a picnic.

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar 

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