15 Best Pocket Friendly Places in Delhi

If after checking your monthly expenses, you wander with a dejected face, we got something to replace it with a happy face. We’ve got a list of all the pocket-friendly places in Delhi for all your needs!

1. Sarojini Nagar

If from the beginning you have been spending huge bucks on Zara, Mango or Forever 21, how would you react if we tell you that you’d get clothes of the same brands just for 200-300 bucks? Yes, that is indeed true! But how much you spend on them depends on you. To put an end to that curiosity, if you have got that bargaining skills, you may win the battle. Here’s a tip to shine; never purchase on the first prize the vendors offer, bargain and even if they don’t negotiate the price, try your acting skills, pretend to walk away, there is an 80% chance that they’d call you back. And tada! You’ve saved bucks! Not only clothes, but you will get accessories here at an extremely low price. How about Ray Bean’s shades for 200 bucks? Obviously, that won’t be original. But duh, no one would spare enough time to look if that’s original or not. You can reach here via INA metro station, take a Rs. 30 auto ride of barely 5-10 minutes from there.

2. Janpath

That’s a mini hub for your clothing needs and all at barely 200-300 bucks! Yes, that’s true. Another version of Sarojini Nagar market it is and a good news is it’s a tiny place and you don’t need to fall down to your knees exhausted. Again this place tests your bargaining skills, the more you save, the more you bargain. It lies in the Connaught Place area in central Delhi. So you can explore the area as well as shop without causing a whole in your pocket. You can reach here via Metro by getting down at Rajeev Chowk or Janpath Station.

3. Karol Bagh

If Ted Baker, Hide sign, Louis Vuitton bags are creating a hole in your pocket, how about if we tell you, you can shop handbags under Rs. 500. Sounds impossible right? Karol Bagh offers you that privilege. Although Karol Bagh is made for wedding shopping there are 4-5 street shops that offer you lovely bags at this low price. But you have to search every nook and corner of the place, not only bags, but you can shop cheap cosmetics, however, we don’t suggest you go for cheap cosmetic products as it is better if you don’t take any risk with your skin. The nearest metro station is Karol Bagh on the blue line and behind that only you’d find the market. Don’t get carried away even if rickshaw wallas offer you rides, the market is just a few steps away.

4. Ghaffar Market

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If you are a gadget freak, this is your place to buy your mobile accessories. Located at the end of Karol Bagh Market, you can have trendy and glamorous phone covers whose lover you have been for quite some time. Or you can purchase earphones, pen drive, and other electrical accessories. Again you have to be an expert at bargaining, but just to warn you they’re stubborn, you have to try hard. There might be times when they don’t settle at your price. You can reach here via the blue line metro station.

5. Palika Bazar

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Who knew amidst the branded fashion outlets you’d find an underground market to save bucks. Palika Bazaar is one such market where you’d find gadgets and accessories at a low price. But only if you’re concerned with saving money nothing else, you shall head to this place. But before heading there, have a look at the dark side of the place. All that they sell are either defective, fake or stolen good. So keep bargaining and bargaining keep in the mind that they’re a pro at fooling people. Despite having a dark side, hundreds of people everyday shop products from here and it is one of the most popular markets in Delhi.

6. Pragati Maidan Book Fairs

Well, we have got a good news and a bad news! To not to sabotage your hopes completely, we begin with the bad one, the book fair comes at Pragati Maidan twice in a year for 7-8 days. But the happy news is that you can get some books and novels at an unimaginable price, from 30 to 100 bucks, a fairyland for all the book lovers out there. There are also food outlets to gain some energy while going book shopping. The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan on the blue line.

7. Tilak Nagar

If you’re already spending lakhs on your college or training, there must be a realization that you have to make it up via saving on other stuff. Tilak Nagar gives you an opportunity. Name a course, you’d already find your desired books here, but here’s a catch, you’d not save all at once. After you’re done reading the book, you can return it here and get 50% of the money you paid. Some booksellers also allow you to sell your old books. So all those who have set a mini library at your place, this is your place if you’re saving up to buy something. Lamba Book Depot is one such book shop, probably the largest in the area and the hub where small stationery shops order their books. Nearest metro station is Tilak Nagar on the blue line. You are required to walk a little to get there. In a lane, you’d find all the booksellers.

8. Chandni Chowk

The place never fails to bring nostalgia among Delhiites. Owing to that it is one of the oldest markets in Delhi. Although in the narrow streets and small lanes, never keeps anyone from visiting it. It is mainly a wedding shopping market, where you can shop for lehengas or any other traditional outfits at prices you won’t find elsewhere in Delhi. Low prices don’t mean it would do away with the quality. No, here you’d find some glamorous designs and most of them are copied from biggest designers in the world. Even if you don’t wish to spend bucks for a piece of cloth that you might wear only for once, you may choose to rent it from here. Apart from wedding shopping, Chandni Chowk is also known for the finger licking street food.  A must try, Chhole Bhature from. Also at the other side, you’d find ‘Nayi Sadak’, a hub for all your books at low prices and reselling of books is possible with many vendors.

9. Netaji Subhash Place

Taste Bhi, Bachat Bhi. Well, yes, you can count on this statement. The delicious food will keep hooked to this place. From mouthwatering momos, Maggi shakes and what not, you’d find a new love for food over here. Kit Kat shake from Hashtag Foods and cheese Maggi from Billu’s Hut should be a must try, and trust us, it’s the best you could provide to your taste buds. Nearest metro station is Netaji Subhash Place on the red line.

10. Sadar Market

Being one of the oldest wholesale markets, this market is known for attracting shoppers for all the household goods at minimum prices. From clothes, jewelry to household stuff, you’d find almost everything over here. And it is probably the best place to buy crackers during Diwali time and if you’re a foodie, this place calls out your name and when bidding goodbye, you’ll have that taste to remember for the rest of your lives.

11. Satyaniketan

In typical Delhi slang, we call it, “student’s ka adda“, the reason being the mouthwatering food and it happens to be the location of Delhi University’s south campus. It is actually a combination of both expensive and pocket-friendly cafes and food joints. But don’t worry we’re still firm to find you the best at pocket-friendly prices. You have a number of outlets saving up money like Chowrangi Lane – 300 bucks for 2 and Mom Hand Momos – 50 bucks, and much more.

12. Turab Nagar

While they sell Kurtis not less than 1000 bucks anywhere, we have found a perfect gem for you that lies in Turab Nagar in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. They sell ethnic Kurtis and suits as low as Rs. 350 bucks! So tell us where on earth would you find such a bargain? Apart from ethnic attires, they sell bags and jewelry at jaw-dropping low prices. Go tell your mom and if you could ask for a reward in return.

13. Nehru Place

In search of a new laptop or a cell phone after thinking a thousand times about the expenses? Well, Nehru Place has got a great deal for you. Known as the IT hub of Delhi, you’ve every sort of electronic gadgets at one place.

14. Chawri Bazar

If you’re about to have your fairy tale moment, in other words, your wedding day, you got to be here, not for lehengas but for wedding cards. Even if you’re looking for hardware items or other metallic items, step down here! Delhi’s one of the oldest wholesale market everyday gathers numerous customers in a quest to save money because everything here is available at a comparatively low price.

15. Kamla Nagar Market

Another hub for college students to hang out. You’d find not only delicious food here, but also trendy clothes for 300 bucks! Just another one like Janpath. Not only you can find here pretty cheap stuff to fill up your closet, but also it is one of the places you’d love if books and novels have a special corner in your heart. What makes it a hub is the mouthwatering food at pocket-friendly price.

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar

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