Alia Bhatt Inspired Travel Destinations

Highway, Kapoor & Sons, Dear Zindagi, 2 States- the list doesn’t seem to end! And do you realize what’s common amongst these movies? Yes, you guessed it right- Alia Bhatt! The amazing actress never fails to amaze us with her spell-binding performances. And more so, when she guides us through some of the most amazing locations India. For those of you who, at least once, thought of visiting the mesmerizing locations featured in her movies – Highway, Dear Zindagi, Kapoor & Sons and much more – here is a specially curated Alia Bhatt inspired travel destinations. All those jaw-dropping scenes from places can be your next vacation

1. Lose yourself with Veera in the untraversed Himachal Hills

If Highway is your all-time favourite movie, then you’re in luck. This record-breaking movie was shot in our very own Himachal Pradesh. Remember when Veera and Mahabir were seen walking in various locations in the hills? Yes, those were mostly shot in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. For those of you who don’t know, Spiti is mostly characterised by dry, arid and barren lands- with no vegetation but lofty mountains. But don’t let this fool you. The sheer beauty of the place will amaze you- much like the neighbouring Tibetan Plateau (or maybe more!)

Places to see: Once there, don’t miss the major shooting destinations- Kaza, Tabo and Nako. Kibber is one of the highest villages in Kaza and is a must visit. Along with Kibber, visit the century-old breathtaking Key Monastery. While Tabo monastery is known as the Ajanta of Himalayas, Nako with its raw beauty and the pristine lake will take your breath away.

Best time to visit: June to mid-October is the season but if you are not that faint-hearted, then the snow covered Spiti Valley during December to March is a must do.

Things to do: Other than sightseeing, Spiti is famous for its road trips. A road trip is a must, but do keep it in mind- the roads are extremely perilous and dangerous. Most of these roads are above 3000 meters altitude. So do exert caution while you’re traversing these twists and turns.

2. Let Tia show you how it is done In Coonoor


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Kapoor & Sons was a big hit in 2016. The great performances (especially Rishi Kapoor) and the light-hearted comedy coupled with some amazing tracks made it a cult favourite. But, something that made it even better was the colonial setting of the main family house. The beautiful house was absolutely a thing of dreams- and we all started to wish to have something like that to stay in. Well, you can. Not permanently of course, but while on vacation. We present to you La Belle Vie, in Coonoor, the shooting location of Kapoor & Sons. This quaint place is located very close to Sims Park where you’ll be exposed to a 180o view of lush green lawn, beautiful tall trees and fresh air. A refreshing place indeed.

Things to do: You can go on a toy train ride from Coonoor, along with adventure treks. Also, there’s a small cheese making factory nearby- you can check that out too.

Best time to visit: Any time is a good time to visit Coonoor.

Pro tip: Although there is an Italian and Tandoor menu available here, be wary that there are not many vegetarian dishes.

3. Get some much-needed peace of mind in Goa (with Kiara)

Goa is on the vacation list for every age group. But, more often than not, that plan never goes through. So, we’re here to give you more, and a few not-so-common reasons as to why that Goa plan needs to happen. Going beyond the regular cycles, if you want to experience Goa in a new light, visit Benaulim Beach and Morjim Beach- the two places where Jug was seen cycling in Dear Zindagi! Located at the southern fringe of coastal Goa, these beaches are mostly calm and serene. You’ll be able to stay away from the hustle of city life and actually enjoy some quality time.

Also, while here, don’t just go around in cars to the famous destinations. Cycle your way to Goa’s depths, just like Jug and Tia? Or just take a walk and check out the beautiful Portuguese architectures, which would be otherwise lost in ticking off your checklist. This would also ensure that you experience Goa personally- meeting the local people, eating the local cuisine, and even experiencing the local music. Now wouldn’t that be a different experience?

Pro tip: Make sure to check out the local cooking classes and learn some local dishes. Many resident locals take these classes and is a very interesting experience.

Things to do: Sightseeing, eating, relaxing.

Best time to visit: Any time you wish to visit Goa is great.

4. How about a destination wedding in Mahabalipuram Shore Temple (Just like Krish and Ananya)!

If you’re tired of seeing destination weddings in Thailand or Udaipur and want a fresh alternative, then think of the breathtaking wedding scene as featured in Alia Bhatt stirrer ‘2 States’. Sounds enchanting, right? The Mahabalipuram Shore Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The Pallavas built this temple and is one of the oldest structural stone temples in Tamil Nadu. The main deity here is Shiva. If you have not watched the movie yet, then check out that most visually perfect scene of the movie with an impeccable background score and cherish that dream into reality in your next vacation!

Pro tip: The sunrise and sunset from here are divine. Try not to miss that and carry a camera!

Things to do: If you’re here just for a vacation, then the enchanting beauty of the place itself will keep you occupied. You can also opt to offer prayers to Shiva.

Temple Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM. Ticket sale ends at 5.30 PM.

5. Visit Taragarh Fort following Vaidehi’s footsteps

Remember when Badri took Vaidehi away while she was with her family in the song Humsafar from Badri Nath Ki Dulhaniya? The backdrop of their fun and laughter was Taragarh Fort. Prithviraj Chauhan built this Fort upon a steep hill. There are three beautiful gateways but they’re almost in ruins. Also, there were tunnels underneath which used to crisscross the entire hillside. But unfortunately, no one ever mapped them and thus they’re all inaccessible. This is the best place for a quiet tour with your loved one. The vastness of the Fort and the beautiful architecture will make you fall in love with the days gone by.

Pro tip: Carry water bottles and a few things to eat. There aren’t many shops close by.

Things to do: Take a tour of the Fort and check out all the hidden passageways and alleyways. But don’t go inside them, as they’re not safe.

Best time to visit: November – March.

So did our list of Alia Bhatt Movies Inspired Amazing Places intrigue you? Whether or not you’re a Bollywood fan, these beautiful and romantic places are sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind! So what are you waiting for? Start packing!

Contributor: Archi Sengupta.

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