10 Confusing Road Signs Every Traveler Should Know About

Road signs are the best guides for a rider or driver. But sometimes, these very signs make one confused. So here we present a list of some of the common road signs which we, as a commuter, often overlook but are important for safe and smooth commutation. Warning signs are generally marked in black on yellow background color on a diamond-shaped board. So here’s a list of 10 confusing road signs every traveler should know about:

1.Dead end sign

It is denoted by capital T. It signifies that road in which the person is moving ends in a near ahead point and therefore he must give way to all traffic.

2.Submerged Sign

It is denoted by an inverse Y. It denotes that the two roads have submerged to one.

3.Curve Sign

This sign depicts a curvy road ahead. It has usually 3 or more than 3 curves denoting that the road ahead has 3 curves or more, so it is better to slow down the speed.

4.slippery sign

This is the slippery sign. For the vehicles moving on this road are warned about slippery nature of the road ahead, especially during rainfall.  So slowing down the speed is required.

5. Bolted track

image5 15 This is the warning symbol that denotes that the track is bolted ahead, so better to take a turn.

6.LOOse stone

This sign depicts that the road ahead carries loose stones that might get hurled on the car if another car passes by. Since this may lead to a serious situation, it’s better to slow down and be more cautious for the patch of the road ahead of the sign board.

7.hump sign

This symbol depicts that there is a hump (sudden upward slope and again sudden downward slope) ahead on the road. It’s better to be cautious and slow down during crossing the hump.

8.under water

This symbol signifies that road ahead is under water (heavy rainfall might have caused stream on the road).

9.Contracted bridge

This symbol shows that there might be contracted bridge ahead so it is better to slow down and make room for other vehicles which are coming from the other side.

10.Speed limit

This symbol can be best interpreted as- the speed of the vehicle cannot increase more than the given figure mentioned, otherwise one will be penalized.

Even though confusing at times, road signs always try to say something. It’s prudent to consider the signs and change the driving or riding condition accordingly. Anytime, one can not understand possible meaning of any sign, just slowing down the vehicle will be wise as well as safe to do.

Contributor: Divyank Dixit

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