10 Bollywood Movies that will Inspire You to Travel

Bollywood has inspired us to travel since forever. From beautiful locales to wonderful food, to everything that makes up our dreams, Bollywood has basically set a higher bar for travelling. Bollywood movies have also inspired several road trip movies, solo movies, all-girl travelling themed movies- you name it, Bollywood has done it. So keeping that in mind, here are 10 Bollywood Movies that will Inspire you to Travel:

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This cult-favourite has defined what travelling should be like! Three friends go on a road trip and show us what it’s like to travel lazily, do some deep-sea diving, fall from the sky, or take part in a festival in a new place. Basically, it has shown generations of people what it’s like to travel, and travel freely!

Take a cue from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are travel to: Spain, Barcelona, and Seville.

2. Queen

Queen was the movie we all looked up to. Specifically, because she showed us that you don’t need a partner, or anyone, for that matter, to travel and have a good time. You can have fun on your own- maybe, in this way, you’ll also gain perspective! So, people, solo travelling is in!

Take a cue from Queen and travel to: Paris and Amsterdam.

3. Tamasha

Let’s face it, we got to know about Corsica from Tamasha. The film made us believe that it was possible to travel somewhere where you wouldn’t know anyone, and no-one would know you, and that’s okay. Corsica is a perfect getaway for people of every age group!

Corsica Speciality: Chug down some good ol’ Chestnut Beer, brewed since 1996 by the Pietra Brewery. It’s amazing.

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The fact that Gulmarg’s snow-clad peaks could be this beautiful, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t have known had it not been for Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani (shown in the movie as Manali). This film was the reason why we all dreamed of a backpacking trip. Cut to the second part, you get to see the beautiful and vibrant Rajasthan in all its glory. I’m sure the theme wedding of Udaipur set the bar high for the to-be brides and grooms!

Take a cue from Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani and travel to: Rajasthan, Gulmarg, and Manali.

5. Dil Chahta Hai

This film was totally travel-goals! Three friends chilling on the beaches of Goa- yep, that’s what dreams are made of! After Dil Chahta Hai, Goa became the ultimate destination for young people throughout generations.

Goa Speciality: Take a cue from the boys and play some beach volleyball!

6. Finding Fanny

Take a cue from Fanny and Co and go on a road trip through the serene locales of Goa- the part which you usually don’t get to see in mainstream media. The outskirts of Goa is something that you don’t get to see everyday- truly a paradise!

Something new: There are various cooking classes held by the local people in Goa- of the local cuisine. Take some time off and learn a dish or two!

7. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

I’m sure most of you have wanted to get your pictures clicked on the mustard fields, once in your life? Well, that, surely, was inspired by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge! Raj and Simran fell in love in the beautiful locales of Europe, and then lived happily ever after! The second half was shot in beautiful Punjab- the rural scenery was enough to set travel goals for all of us.

Take a cue from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and travel to: Switzerland, London, and Punjab.

8. Highway

The film is all about the journey and how people change on the course of that journey. From Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh to the Aru Valley and Chandanwari near Pahalgam- this movie showed the road like no other. And not just the mountains, you’d feel the beauty of travelling even in the plains of Delhi, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

Take a cue from Highway and travel to: Aru valley, Spiti Valley, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

9. Chennai Express

Chennai Express was a visual treat, you’ll have to give it that! The Majestic Dudhsagar Falls to the lush beauty that is Munnar, in Kerala- Chennai Express showed South India like no other. Each frame was mesmerising. I’m sure the landscapes will call to you, each and everytime you watch the movie!

Take a cue from Chennai Express and travel to: Dudh Sagar Falls (Goa), Kerala, Panchgani, Coimbatore.

10. Chalo Dilli

When two people of the opposite personality have to travel together, well, Chalo Dilli is a film about that! With their destination set to Delhi, this epic road trip movie shows the characters what they’ve been missing in their lives. This movie shows what it’s like to have new experiences- being in unfamiliar situations and meeting new people.

Take a cue from Chalo Dilli and travel to: Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. Maybe a road trip wouldn’t be a bad idea, right?

So these were the 10 Bollywood movies that would surely inspire you to travel. It’s very important to have travel movies in the mainstream media since people can get an idea of what to see and where to go when they have to travel. So these movies would surely make you want to travel, all the while giving you a warm and happy feeling! So start packing your bags! Happy travelling!

Contributor: Archi Sengupta.

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