10 Best Places to Visit in September

It is the time when we say goodbye to the scorching heat of the sun, and await the chilly winter months. So why can’t we wait for the chill without having to actually wait? Don’t be astonished, all we mean to say is, packing your stuff and going for a trip sounds like a good idea. If you agree, we’ve got a list of the perfect places for September:


We assume the first reaction of yours when you hear of this place might be, “Ziro, what’s Ziro?”,” you mean the number Zero?” ”Where is Ziro?”,  or ” I haven’t ever heard of this place in my entire life”. Well, that’s quite relatable. That is why it is amongst the most lesser known places in India. But does that mean that it won’t be worth a visit? Certainly no, it is one of the worth visiting places, thanks to the lush green floors of grass and the humble Apatani Tribe. Though the place is quite serene and away from the excitement of the city scenes, it is a perfect idea for your jam sessions. The Ziro Music Festival is also a big event here. A 4-day fest happening this year in September is one of the best outdoor music scenes in India with some nerve wrenching performances by several North Indian artists.

Weather: An average temperature of 20 Degree Celsius.
Things to see: Meghna Cave Temple and Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.
Things to do: Trekking, enjoying the music festival (during the fest).


image3 2

It’s pretty much hard to set your foot in a number of countries, we know how hard it can be in your pockets. But don’t worry, we’ve got a perfect alternative for you. Drops of Arabian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Britain together create this place. And you already must know how Kerala is known as the Paradise of India, this gives you another reason to set your foot here. No, the list is not coming to end, several other reasons are also there. The heritage forts and monuments, backwaters and hills- all of which are too beautiful to get your eyes stuck on them. The list is still going! You can visit it probably any time of the year but September is the best time we urge you to go because Onam Celebration is doing the rounds in September. The place is adorned with garlands and flowers all this time. What Diwali is to North,  Onam is to Kerala.

Weather: An average temperature of 25-30 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: Sunset Cruise and shopping at MG Road.
Things to see: Fort Kochi, Willington Island, Santa Cruz Basilica.


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It doesn’t matter if you live in the North, South, East or West of India- wherever you live, you must’ve heard of Khandala. Well, the song is not the only thing that has made it popular, but more so for its waterfalls, lakes, valleys, pleasant weather and other breathtaking scenes. A monsoon Paradise where you once come, you wouldn’t wish to go back.

Weather: An average temperature of 27-30 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: City shopping at Lonavala Bazaar.
Things to see: Lonavala Lake, Rajmachi Fort, Celebrity Museum, Bushi Dam, Tiger’s Leap.



We remember those school days when history classes were not history classes for us, but rather a sleeping period. Just the best time to doze off. But contrary to your expectations history would never seem this fun to you. To change your mind, we urge you to visit Mandu, where history books come alive. The wonderful and oldest architectural pieces you’d find are all here.

 Weather: An average temperature of 20-30 Degree Celsius.
Things to do:  Shopping at local markets and understanding history like never before.
Things to see: Jahaz Mahal, Rani Rupmati’s Pavilion, Champa Baoli.


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And if you believe there’s nothing like love at first sight, we bet you’d change your mind and fall in love no matter how high you’ve built your walls. If a thing of beauty is a joy forever, you’d never run out of it. A box of beauty it is, consisting of waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. The beauty here not only lies in its vistas. If you’re one such who looks for beauty in music, this place calls out your name. Many musical events are organized here, to satisfy the music lust within you.

Weather: An average temperature of 20 degree Celsius
Things to do:  Boating at Wards Lake,  trekking at David Scott Trail, River Rafting at Ranikor and Camping
Things to see: Elephant Falls, Wards Lake, Umiam Lake


image5 2

Walk on the lush green valleys while beholding two hues of Mother Nature, green and clear blue sky. Your feet might get exhausted, but your eyes never will- such is the place. Picture this or picture that, because everything is worth being fed in your camera as well as your memories. Forget the exotic scenery, though it can’t be forgotten. This place is also known for its coffee and spice plantations. South India is already a winner when it comes to beauty. Credits: places like these.

 Weather: An average temperature of 24-30 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: River Rafting at Barapole River, Trekking at Tadlandamol Peak.
Things to see: Abbey Falls, Namdrolling Monastery, Burude Falls, Omkareshwara Temple, and Honnamana Lake.


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If you’re just another Indian who hasn’t been much in love in India, we feel sorry for you because you have not come across the best scenes of India which awaits your presence. But it’s never too late. To start with and build your faith in beauty, Dzukou valley awaits your presence. Pretty much it does justice to the beauty Nagaland holds the sachet for. For a reason, they call it Switzerland of India. Not only green carpets and wet areas but a vast spread bed of flowers this place is in the blooming season. There’s not much you have to do because your eyes will fall in love with it.

Weather: an average temperature of 20-30 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: Trekking.
Things to see: Khonoma, Japfu Peak.


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One is already familiar with the friendliness and humbleness people of East India treat you with. A Garland of hospitality and culture this place bestows. Like mother like daughter. Just as a loving heart and beauty the mother possess, so does the daughter. Don’t ponder, we’re highlighting the mother daughter relationship between Sikkim and Lachen-Lachung. There is something in the very air of the place, something divine, and something pure. Thanks to the aura of Buddhism and pious monasteries. The breathtaking waterfalls, lakes of this place calls out your name.

Weather: An average temperature of 20-25 Degree Celsius
Things to do: Trekking and shopping at The Handicraft Centre and The Angora Rabbit Farm
Things to see: Lachung Chu River, Lachung Monastery, Yumesamdong


image8 2

It is one such place almost every Indian must have visited in their lifetime. And if you haven’t, where are you, what do you look like? Enough of sarcasm but seriously, you’ve got to come here. Its main attraction is Naini Lake, one of the main reasons why travelers come here. Naini Lake and its landscapes are what calls your attention.

Weather: An average temperature of 22-26 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: Trekking, Horse Riding, Trolley Ride, Free fall at Snow View Point and shopping at Mall Road.
Things to see: Eco Cave Gardens, Naini Lake, Snow View Point.


image11 2

When it comes to beauty, southern India always wins the contest. Fair judgment! And if we personify South India, one of the most beautiful features are held by Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is one such feature. Sufficient to leave you wonderstruck, thanks to the picturesque waterfalls and water streams.

Weather: An average temperature of 20 Degree Celsius.
Things to do: trekking.
Things to see:  Kodai Lake, Bear Shola Point, Thalayar Falls, Kurinji Temple

We know it might be hard for you to apply for leave when your boss is an arrogant one. But we believe it’s the perfect time to pack your stuff. Because it would be worth all the efforts you take. New memories await you here.

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar.

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