10 Best Places to Visit in August

It’s that time of the year when the season of pouring rains makes everything look blissful. Be it the world outside, or the world inside, the soul. No perfume can match the fragrance of wet mud, you know it and you cannot deny it for sure. A perfect time to pack up your bags and leave because this time neither the scorching heat nor chilling breezes can stop you from making plans. Here we have listed top 10 places to visit in August in India – perfect places for perfect memories!

1. Cherrapunji, Madhya Pradesh

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How ecstatic it is to spread your arms wide open and let pious drops of rain kiss your face and wash away all the pains of yesteryears. If that’s what makes you feel happy, this is your place. Cherapunjee, in Meghalaya, is known for being the wettest place in India. Well, that’s not the only reason to pull your feet on this place. Breathtaking vistas of waterfalls, valleys, and rivers await your eyes, to fall in love once again. If the swirling clouds and the chilling breeze of this heaven won’t  make you smile wide, we wonder what will.
Weather in August: an average temperature of 18 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Seven sisters’ falls and miasma caves are some of the magical places that await you there.
Things to do: Trekking, sightseeing and a day out in such a magical place.

2. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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And if you’re another William Wordsworth, an adventure seeker or a religious person, listen with all ears, because this place whispers your name. One of the few places where you’d find the best of three worlds, nature, adventure and culture. We bet its beautiful valleys and lakes will make you book tickets for here again. And if you’re someone who is not much of a nature lover but someone fearless and in a quest to satisfy their thirst for adventure, this is your place. You can go trekking, mountain biking, and river rafting. Don’t worry, we have got the third option for you, the ones for whom the above-mentioned options don’t get them high. Apart from the beautiful vistas, it has a number of Tibetan monasteries for the ones for whom Almighty dwells in their hearts and the ones who seek solace. Pro tip: Don’t give Chandartal Lake a miss, go back if you haven’t. We bet you’d be wonderstruck.
Weather in August: an average temperature of 8 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Chandartal Lake, key monastery Surajtal Lake, Pin valley national park
Things to do: River Rafting, trekking

3. Mussoorie, Uttrakhand

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There’s a reason why bachelors, families, schools, and colleges plan a trip over here. We repeat for a reason! Don’t scratch your heads, the reason is its wonderful picturesque views. A perfect escape from the boring and mundane 9-to-5 life it is. Don’t believe us? You may ask Britishers for whom it used to be a favorite spot. But well how would you ask, they’re long gone after all. But count on us, the perfect getaway idea it is for every individual out there.
Weather in August: 17 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Kempty Falls, Jharipani falls and Jwala Devi Temple.
Things to do: paragliding and trekking, and behold breathtaking views of Cloud’s end.

4. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

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Well if you’re not a native of it, the first few things that come to your mind when you hear of Maharashtra are probably Mumbai, its beaches and of course Bollywood. But you might now know, Maharashtra is something more than these things. A gem hides there? Any guesses? At your rescue, we mean hill station. It sort of seems unusual that a place like this has a hill station, well it does and probably is one of the most popular places in India.
Weather in August: Average temperature around 19 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Venna Lake, Dhobi Waterfall.
Things to do: Adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, horse riding.

5. Valley Of Flowers, Uttrakhand

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It doesn’t matter if nature is your first love or not because even if it isn’t, this place will make sure that it is. A colossal bouquet this place is, with a wide variety of flowers blooming.Wherever your eyes take you to, all you’d behold is the world full of flowers, the world where only a maniac would not wish to go. That’s not all. A double treat for those to whom adventure gets them high, you can go trekking here, just another reason why people come here.
Weather: average temperature is around 10 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Hemkund Sahib, Nanda Devi National Park.
Things to do: Trekking, sight seeing.

6. Pondicherry

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Bonjour, comment avez-vous été? Didn’t get it? Well, that’s “hello, how have you been?” in French. You might be wondering how that came. Well, Pondicherry reminded me of French. Pondicherry, a former French colony still has traces of France, from architecture to cafés. If you can’t afford to go France, this place, especially its beaches, welcomes you.
Weather: an average temperature of 15-30 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Paradise beach, Auroville Ashram.
Things to do: Scuba diving and other water sports.

7. Munnar

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You’re not an Indian if you don’t happen to have tea even once in a day. No that wasn’t any diversion. Munnar is one such hill station for its tea estates and tea gardens. Well, obviously that’s not a good reason for us to suggest you this place. But it is something more than tea gardens, a land with many picturesque scenes to behold, from valleys, flowers, and lakes. A good idea for a hill station visit. Pro tip: Apply sunscreen, the place is hot enough to cause sunburn
Weather: An average temperature of 20degree Celsius
Things to do:  Rock climbing and rappelling, Tata tea museum
Things to see: Attukad Falls, Mattupetti Dam

8. Hampi, Karnataka

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We understand you. We know how boring it is to turn pages of your history books but at times, history isn’t boring. It rather fetches eyeballs even of the ones who turned it away. History can be interesting when it comes to visiting a place that concerns with history. The place that has wrecks of ancient buildings and caves which is the magnet to the place and has also been recognized by UNESCO.
Weather: average temperature around 33 degrees Celsius.
Things to see: Vithala Temple, Virupaksha Temple.
Things to do: Rock Climbing and shopping stone carvings.

9. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

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Lights guide you home, devotion guides you here. A place with a number of temples. But we’re not saying that only devotees visit here for their love of God, but someone to whom architecture fascinates can also come to this place. The magnificent carvings and the fine sculptures are capable of leaving your eyes pleased. And the aura of this place is, well we can’t tell you. It can’t be described in words.
Weather: an average temperature of 28 degrees Celcius.
Things to see: Parsvanath Temple, Ghantai Temple, and Adinath Temple.
Things to do: Yoga at a number of ashrams.

10.  Leh Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir

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Sadly you won’t see heaven until you die, but why would you wait that much when you can see a mini heaven here? Yes! You heard that right. You might think we’re exaggerating but what if we tell you Leh Ladakh is one such place as beautiful as paradise. Just two words to describe this and we won’t need to go any further with the description, Winter’s Moon
Weather: an average temperature of around 10 degree Celsius.
Things to see: Pangong Lake, Leh Palace, Chadar Frozen Lake.
Things to do: Trekking and other adventure sports.

And we’re done. Hope you have got your flights booked too because when you’d return, you’d not return empty handed, but along with smiles and memories.

Contributor: Sarah Bhatnagar

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